Nuclear Fusion

A discovery that will change our world 12-11-15

Who are we?

I am Blake Peterson, and I have discovered how to use nuclear fusion as an energy source, which will be very effective.

So how is it different than nuclear fission?

In nuclear fusion, two atoms come together at high speeds to form a new atom. This process releases a large amount of energy, which is substantial for life. Nuclear fission is when the nuclei of an atom splits into smaller parts.

Safety concerns

Some concerns of this new technology is that if it is not contained, it can be very harmful. It produces a lot of energy, so if it is not kept inside of a specified nuclear fusion plant it will harm humans.

Energy levels and economics

After discovering this product, i prospect that we will have a lot more energy at hand to do the every-day necessities, but have a lot more energy left over. Since this energy generates almost an infinite amount of energy, as humanity we will be able to get more done, and solve many of the problems we have today.