Here are some tips for you!

For staying fit!

some facts of staying healthy

  1. If you've got a young sports enthusiast in the family, play along. Shooting baskets and kicking a soccer ball around the yard are great ways to get your heart pumping. Thirty minutes of cardio training are recommended, but even five to 10 minutes will elevate your energy and speed your metabolism.

  2. Take the kids for a walk or just go by yourself. If their pace is too slow, add some lunges, jumping jacks, or running in place every few minutes to make yourself work harder.

  3. Pull young children in a wagon through the neighborhood. Or give them a ride in a jogging stroller.

some more ways of staying fit and loosing fat

Push yourself, but know your limits. If you haven't exercised in a while it may feel impossible, but keep going. Stay within reason, though, as overdoing can actually damage your body.