Equipping the Domestic Church/ISSUE 87/ 5.29.22

We are in the final week of the Easter season and making our way toward Pentecost; the celebration of the Birthday of Our Church! This edition will focus on the celebration of Pentecost Sunday and the Holy Spirit!


Join us as we prepare for the Eucharistic Revival in the United States!

The epiclesis (literally invocation in Greek) refers to when the priest invokes the Holy Spirit to “sanctify these offerings, that they may become the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ…” (Eucharistic Prayer IV). Each Eucharistic Prayer has its own wording, but the intent is the same – to call upon the Holy Spirit during the Eucharist.

In some parishes, you will hear bells ring during this, as well as when the host and chalice are elevated to highlight the importance of the acts.



Click on the link below for the readings that you will hear at the Sunday's Mass for the coming two weeks. This will give you a chance to prepare your heart and mind for full and active participation in Mass this weekend! For a Mass schedule in our diocese click on the grey button below.

Family Stories: Story Time with a Positive Message about the Holy Spirit and the Trinity!

  • Come, Holy Spirit! Prayers, Poems and Scriptures to Celebrate Confirmation by Angela Palfrey
  • Spirit with Us! Faith Stories for Young Children by Judith Dunlap and Mary Cummins Wlodarsk
  • God's Love for Us! by Lula Guzman
  • Philip Neri, Saint for Confirmation by Barbara Yoffie

Articles for Parents:


Try this great worksheet on the Holy Spirit from Ministry to Children or use the worksheet on imagining the Holy Spirit with younger kids!


Come, Holy Spirit, Come! (The Pentecost Sequence) [feat. Ike Ndolo] - WorshipNOW
Holy Spirit Song | Pentecost Song
Strong Wind Blowing through Trees Sound Effect, with Video


What Are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?
Chris Padgett On Fire


Helping Hands Dove

“For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. For in the one Spirit we were all baptized into one body…” ~1 Corinthians 12:12-13~

“Christ has no body but yours, no hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes with which he looks compassionately on this world. Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good. Yours are the hands, with which he blesses all the world.” ~St. Teresa of Avila~

Trace your hands on the bottom part of the sheet below, leaving a tab at the palm. Cut out

hands and dove, including the slit at the dotted line. Slide the tabs through the slit and hang your “Hands of Christ Dove”.

How to Draw the "Holy Spirit" at Pentecost


Pentecost Sunday Sequence

In November of 2021, Pope Francis said this prayer is one every Catholic should pray. If you don't know it, he said a simple "Come, Holy Spirit" is enough, but to always invite the Holy Spirit into your life.

Come, Holy Spirit, come. // And from your celestial home // Shed a ray of light divine.

Come, Father of the poor. // Come, source of all our store. // Come, within our bosoms shine.

You, of comforters the best; // You, the soul’s most welcome guest; // Sweet refreshment here below;

In our labor, rest most sweet; // Grateful coolness in the heat; // Solace in the midst of woe.

O most blessed Light divine, // Shine within these hearts of yours, // And our inmost being fill.

Where you are not, we have naught, // Nothing good in deed or thought, // Nothing free from taint of ill.

Heal our wounds, our strength renew; // On our dryness pour your dew; // Wash the stains of guilt away:

Bend the stubborn heart and will; // Melt the frozen, warm the chill; // Guide the steps that go astray.

On the faithful, who adore // And confess you, evermore // In your sevenfold gift descend;

Give them virtue’s sure reward; // Give them your salvation, Lord; // Give them joys that never end.

Amen. Alleluia.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful.

And kindle in them the fire of your live.

Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.

And you will renew the face of the earth.


by the light of the Holy Spirit

you have taught the hearts of your faithful.

In the same Spirit

help us to relish what is right

and always rejoice in your consolation.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


A Book of Prayers, International Committee on English in the Liturgy


Play this game from Catechism Angel to learn more about the Holy Spirit!



  • Make you happier
  • Clean your lungs
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Benefit your digestive system
  • Increase your energy
  • Sharpen your mind

SO, spend some time outside flying a kite or go for a bike ride to experience the wind of Pentecost and gather in the benefits of fresh air!

Word of the Week!

A thurible is a metal sensor that is suspended from chains used to burn incense. It is typically swung in front of the priest or deacon when he incenses during Mass or other services.

During Masses with incense, it is typical for the thurible to be carried in the procession and then used to incense the cross and altar. Other times, it is used for incensing the Book of the Gospels before the Gospel is proclaimed. Lastly, it is used when incensing the gifts for the Eucharist, the cross, the altar, the presider, and the congregation before the Eucharistic prayer. It can also be used at the elevation of the host and chalice after the consecration.

photo credit: Andriy Tod on


It’s amazing how fire can change things! When you light a new candle, the wick hardens and turns black. Plastic shrivels or melts, and even our skin burns if we get too close to fire, but it’s not all bad. Raw cookie dough bakes into delicious cookies, hot glass can be molded into beautiful pieces of art, a toasty marshmallow at a campfire can be an amazing summer treat! When fire encounters something it can definitely change it for good and it changes it forever.

The Holy Spirit changes us the same way! When we are ‘on fire’ with the Holy Spirit, we are using the gifts God gave us to make the world better. Neither we, nor the world, are ever the same again.


  • What would you have thought if you heard people talking in languages they didn’t know before? Even more – what if you understood them?
  • Would you be confused? Scared? Amazed?
  • The people who did not know Jesus started to believe when they saw the Holy Spirit working in the disciples. What can you do to show the Holy Spirit working in you?

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