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Shout Outs

A shout out to Jodi and Brandye for welcoming our Watch DOG dads each morning and taking their photos! Thank you both for all of your help!! Penny Lowe

Shout out to my team for holding down the fort while I was out at CKH last week

Shout out to all the ladies that were at CKH – thank you for sharing your stories. –Tami

Shout out to Cindy Wisdom for everything you do and for ALL of the last minute things we needed yesterday. Penny

Thank you to my team- as always- we are a family, and I am so blessed to be a part of this group of ladies. Love yall!! Katie

Shout out to Kim and Heidi for being rockin’ Science teachers. Those Solar Houses looked like so much fun- and the kids were completely engaged in that lab! Katie

Shout out to Tami for representing our team at CKH last week. We missed you, but know you learned some amazing strategies! Katie

Shout out to my CKH posse. All the sharing and crying made me love you ladies even more. I didn’t even mind getting yelled at by Beth. XOXOXO - Erika

Thank you to Kayla Sargent for jumping right in to our 2nd grade craziness! You fit right in! ~ Kim Scott

I would like to give a shout out to this staff for being so gracious & kind as I learn my way around! Cindy & GailAnne thank you for your invaluable help in preparing for fine arts night! Andrea

Gail Vopelak for her help with the Painting with Parents! Andrea

Heidi Ellis thank you for setting up the volunteers from BNHS! I could not have done it without your help!!! Andrea

Thanks to whoever sent the encouraging notes. They have been timely & much appreciated. Andrea

To Patty – for a beautiful choir program. How she does it every year is truly astounding! Gail

To Penny for her great sense of humor! Gail

To Jennie for always being here for me! Gail

To Sandy for brightening my day – every day – she will be missed. It has been great working with her while Jennifer has been out! Gail

To Tami for leaving such positive notes after her walk-throughs. Gail

Shout out to Carrie and Meredyth for always coming to help us out! Rachel

Shout out to my lovely assistants for helping making our room a fun, learning environment with their constant positive attitudes! Rachel

Shout out to Jude’s teacher, Sarah Hall , for making a true effort teach more than academics. He has learned so many amazing life lessons and is becoming a better person because of it! Rachel

A huge thank you to Andrea for covering my classes for me while I’m gone on the Choir Tour and to Renee and Ann for all that they are adjusting and helping with, too. I am blessed with constant support from very sharp and wonderful ladies. I truly have the best teammates! Mrs. Vopelak and Ms. Wojno, I appreciate you so much for your help with choir rehearsals, performances, the tour and party – you rock! Also, thank you to all of the fourth and fifth grade teachers for dealing with the Choir Tour and all that is involved. A shout out to Mrs. DeHaven for keeping up with all of the Choir Tour medical issues/supplies! Patty