Techie Tidbits

Important Things to Know!

Student Laptop Maintenance

*Restart laptops every so often, especially if you're experiencing any issues

*You're the Administrator to those machines (white ones too), so your credentials will let you run updates

*Microsoft released a critical update on 4/12. Open Word>Help>Check for Updates

*Students should always login with the generic student login i.e. kresstudent/krespass

*Students should never work on a machine that's logged in with your credentials

*Run all Mac updates listed in the App Store, including the update for El Capitan

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Projectors & ELMO's

*Projector bulbs are expensive. Turn your projector off when not in use for more than 5-10 minutes. Perhaps ask a student to be in charge of turning it off before leaving for recess, lunch, specials and dismissal. Overheating is never good for a projector.

*Turn off ELMO light when not in use, as the lamps can go out.

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Care for Your Teacher Laptop

*Restart your laptop every so often. If you take your laptop home, the best practice is to shut down your laptop before leaving work and shut down before leaving home.

*Regularly perform any updates that your Mac needs, such as the Microsoft update, Adobe Flash, and any Mac updates listed in the App Store.

*Don't save too many files/docs on your desktop. If your laptop were to crash, you would want to have everything saved elsewhere, such as your H Drive, flash drive, Google Drive, etc.

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Privacy and Security Are Important

*Get in the habit of locking your computer when you're out of the room. You have access to many confidential student files and information. Macs-click the lock in your dock. PC's-Windows logo key + L

*Don't leave your written passwords attached to your computer. Keep them secure.

iPads Need Attention Too

This goes for both student and teacher iPads:

*Make sure to update your iOS to the latest version, which is 9.3

*Free up some space by deleting apps you don't use

*Periodically check the App Store and run any needed app updates

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. I'm here to help!



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