Mrs. Kesler's 2nd Grade Class Newsletter

The 10 Days Before Winter Break Bags

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Friday, December 11, 2015 - General News

Well our first five days of the "Ten Days Before Winter Break" was a success! The students loved the surprises!!

  • We will be concluding our Mealworm unit this coming up week. Please be sure to send back the permission slip, if you would like your child to bring home their mealworm.
  • Spelling lists went home on Thursday for List #15. Our test will be on Thursday, December 17th.
  • After break, Mrs. Burck and I will be leading an after school Theater Club. Please check your child's folder for details and a permission slip.
  • Brrrrr! The weather is getting colder; please be sure to send your child with outerwear they will be comfortable in. The children go outside for recess everyday (except on the extremely cold days).

Below are some wonderful web based resources (educational games) for your child.

Also, check out our 2nd Grade Google page, where you can find what we're doing in class (curriculum), homework, MORE pictures and what's coming up! Check them out!!




Next week:






P.E. & Music


P.E. & Spelling Test for List 15


All School Sing Along

Music & Library

If you have questions or concerns, I can be reached either by email at elizabeth_kesler@ipsd.org or telephone at 630/375-3544. If you do not hear back from me right away, please know that I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible (this may be after school). If there is an emergency, please call the school office.

Have a marvelous weekend!

Holiday/Winter Sock Day

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Week 15 & 16 Spelling Lists

Spelling List 15: sound, winter, after, paper, same (Test will be on 12/17)

Spelling List List 16: wrong, study, school, between, ask

English and Language Arts (ELA)


For reading last week, we finished Meow Means Mischief and we began reading nonfiction texts on penguins. We are focusing on questioning, and continue to explore cause and effect.

Word Study

In the last week the children learned about oo words, as in book or tool. In Grammar the students continued learning about pronouns.


For writing, the students continued to work on personal narratives; their writing is about memories of special people, places, and objects in their lives.


In Math we continued to practice +10, -10, +100, -100, sums of 10, number stories and began number comparisons. We finished Unit 3 and will begin Unit 4 next week.


This last week we began our Mealworm unit. The students were totally engaged in learning about their mealworms! You may want to ask your child to tell you about the life cycle of a mealworm. We began doing experiments to discover all we can about our "pets". ;-) Next week we will complete the unit with more experiments.

If you would like your child to bring home their new pet (they even named them), please fill out the permission slip that was in your child's folder last week.


Team work

This last week we worked on teamwork. Below you will see pictures of the children working together to build a marshmallow tower. They had to work together to put their tower together, for each child could only connect their marshmallow with another student's marshmallow and not their own.
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