Edmond Doyle News 1-26-2017

We have just about finished taking all of our STAR middle of the year benchmarks and most of our children are showing great progress. We are really proud of everyone that has scored green, because this means they are on target. We are just as proud of everyone that has scored red, yellow, or blue if they have shown growth. However, if your child is not scoring on grade level, we really need your help to get them where they need to be. We still have an entire semester to run our race to green. It is very important for you to read with your child daily and to encourage them to get their homework done. PLEASE continue to get your child to school on time, rested, and prepared for their day!! YOU are the key ingredient to your child's success.

Reasoning Mind came to our school to film us using their program. They were very impressed with how well behaved our students are and they were proud of how amazing our teachers are. All in all-they think our students and staff are doing a great job. Thank you to everyone that signed a release allowing your child to be filmed or interviewed. Our first graders are going to be piloting a new program for Reasoning Mind. In the past British Petroleum paid for our schools to use this program-this year Reasoning Mind is allowing us to use their program for free in exchange for us to promote their program. We believe that with great teaching and Reasoning Mind our math scores will continue to be awesome!

All of our students do SoftSeven daily. This is a program that helps them learn their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. It would really help if you practiced with them at home as well. Knowing math facts helps make computation in math much easier. Thanks for always being willing and ready to help your children. We tell everyone our families are the best!

Important Dates:

January 30th-February 3rd-Book Fair

January 31st-Family Night-5:30-6:30

February 2nd- 3rd & 4th grade will visit the rodeo-9:30-11:00 at the Expo Center

February 2nd-3:15-6:15 Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 3rd-8:00-12:00 Parent/Teacher Conferences-NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

February 3rd-Circle the State

February 6th-NO SCHOOL