December 14-18

Week B

Reminder: Bring data notebooks to grade level/power up meetings

MIND/Interactive Notes inservice for all 4th and 5th grade teachers on Wednesday in Library at 3:30

Brain Rules #6: Remember to Repeat

  • It takes years to consolidate a memory. Not minutes, hours, or days but years. What you learn in first grade is not completely formed until your sophomore year in high school.
  • Medina’s dream school is one that repeats what was learned, not at home, but during the school day, 90-120 minutes after the initial learning occurred.
  • How do you remember better? Repeated exposure to information / in specifically timed intervals / provides the most powerful way to fix memory into the brain.
  • Forgetting allows us to prioritize events. But if you want to remember, remember to repeat.

Classroom Implications:

SLOT- Spaced learning over time

Research on SLOT