News from 4th Grade

week of 10/24 -10/28

News at a Glance

  • Thanks to everyone who helped make our party a great success!!!
  • The students will be presenting their rock projects on Monday and Tuesday, then we will begin our Maps unit for Social Studies.
  • Please be sure to sign up for conferences! A letter went home this week with information for how to sign up.

What we're learning this week

Journeys: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

This cycle, we'll explore the question: "How does what an artist experiences affect his or her art?" In the realistic fiction selection, Me and Uncle Romie, students will read about the collage artist Romie Bearden.

Vocab: glorious, studio, concerned, model, smeared, ruined, yanked, streak, schedule, freast

Vocab strategy: figurative language

comprehension skill: understand characters - use details to tell more about characters

Comprehension strategy: visualize - use text details to form pictures in your mind of what you are reading

Writing focus: Informative writing - book report

Spelling words (ou vs o): aloud, bald, hawk, south, faucet, proud, claw, tower, stalk, couple, howl, false, dawn, allow, drown, pause, fault, cause, amount, cloudier

What can I do at home?

  • Give your child a practice spelling test
  • Ask your child to use the vocabulary words in a sentence or explain their meaning
  • Ask your child to summarize the story we are reading. Who is Romie? What kind of story is it you're reading? What happened in the beginning, middle and end?

Journeys: Thursday & Friday

Next cycle, students will explore different ways to do research. We will be reading the realistic fiction selection: "Dear Mr. Winston," from When I Went to the Library, students will read a letter of apology that conveys more than the simple message "I'm sorry for bringing my snake into the library." We will also read Field Guide to the Snakes of the Southwest.

Vocab: fault, borrow, reference, fainted, genuine, local, apologize, proof, slimy, insisted

Vocab strategy: antonyms

Comprehension skill: Conclusions and generalizations - figure out unstated or broad ideas

Comprehension strategy: Question: ask questions before you read, as you read and after you read.

Writing focus: Informational Writing

Spelling words (vowel + r sounds): spark, prepare, cheer, tear, scarf, scare, repair, earring, scarce, weird, sharp, rear, spare, gear, hairy, compare, alarm, harsh, upstairs, square

Grammar: compound and complex sentences



This week we will be focusing on multiple ways to do multiplication (2 digits by 2 digits). There are many different ways besides the traditional method. They will be learning the traditional method as well. Here are a few videos for the different methods:


This week, we will have our 0-8 multiplication fluency quiz. The students will have 3 minutes to solve 50 multiplication problems. Please log onto Reflex at home or use the flashcards sent home to study.

There will be no math homework sheet this week due to Halloween.

Social Studies

This week we will be presenting our Rock projects and starting Map Skills.

Students will learn about map legends, compasses, lines of longitude and latitude, and coordinates this week. We will spend about 3 weeks learning map skills and 3 weeks learning Pennsylvania geography.

End of 1st Trimester Conferences

Monday, Nov. 21st, 12-7pm

600 South Lingle Avenue

Palmyra, PA

Please see the letter sent home about signing up for conferences.

Halloween Party

Thank you to all the parents that donated items and their time to help with our party!! It was a huge success and the kids had a great time!

Early Dismissal Day

Friday, Nov. 11th, 12pm

600 South Lingle Avenue

Palmyra, PA

Friday, November 11th will be an early dismissal day! Students will start being released at 11:57am.


Toby is still doing great! It is now 2 students' job to feed, clean, hold, and wash Toby. They are doing a great job taking care of him and learning about how he lives in his habitat.

Mrs. LeBlanc

Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!