My biography

By:Jarvis Frazier

Early Life

My life started May 3,2002 at 12:05 in the morning.I am 13 years old .I have to brothers(Joshua,Jeremiah),a dog and my parents (Jarvis,TyffanI).


I love to ride bike,play sports,hang out with friends and play games.Like Ps4,xbox.I love to play instruments,I play the viola,guitar,bass and mandola.

My strengths/Weakness

My strengths are that I can read well,I play a lot of sports that I can play well and I think well on my feet.I am very handy with my hands and I love to build things.I cannot spell very well,I'm not very good at science and at drawing.I cannot fish but I can shoot a bow and arrow

What I want to be when I grow up ?

Well I always thought about what I wanted to do but I always loved football.Football is a important thing in my life and I want to purse a career in the NFL.
I am very funny,musically, athletic,talented and someone who listens to your problems.I'm very charming and can ease my way through things.