Robert Herbert

A Life Worth Noting

Where My Life Began

I'm originally from Fort Myers, Florida. I have lived there my entire life, so being a college student at UCF is my first time being away from home for a long period of time.

My Intended Major

My major is currently Computer Science. I enjoy a lot of things and excel at many things. Right now I'm on my 3rd major, switching from Marketing to Mechanical Engineering to, now, Computer Science. I excel tremendously at math and always have, so I believe this major will be the one I stick with in the end.

Reasons for Wanting to Join EXCEL/COMPASS

I received e-mails regarding this program and decided to read more about it. I came to UCF with the intent of being a part of a big university environment, however, having a smaller group to be a part of keeps you focused and alert. Also, I didn't want to be a college student who just went to class, did their homework, and slept. I actually want to make these 4 years mean something, and the best way I can do that is to get involved in different programs. I did that in high school and enjoyed it, so why wouldn't I enjoy being involved at UCF?

How I Think EXCEL/COMPASS Will Help Me

What I took from this program is the fact that it would focus me mainly choosing my career path. I feel like my road is already being paved. During summer, career planning helped me discover my career path by displayed examples of different STEM careers. Another reason is the extra attention towards your math subjects. I like how we have a personalized system to where we get to be in a math class with other students in EXCEL/COMPASS.

One Unique Fact? Just One? Alright

If I had to pick one unique fact about me I would definitely talk about my love for music. I started getting into music in high school and had my intentions of becoming a drummer. As high school progressed I started to learn how to play different instruments like guitar, bass, drums, piano, and mallet percussion. I performed in many ensembles throughout the years and performed in many different venues. My junior year I started a band and we hit it off. I played guitar for this band but still wrote out music for the other instruments in the band. Later on I started to develop a sense of creativity and got ideas flowing which really helped me not just musically but also when it came to writing papers for my classes. The most exciting part about forming a band was performing at different venues such as school concerts, around the city, and that one time we auditioned for America's Got Talent! I still continue to make music a big part of my life even though I'm locked into my major.