War of 1812

Battle Regions

1.)Canadian Compaign


2.)Naval Battles (old Ironsides)

-Sinks British ships

-British Blockade restricts trade/travel

3.)Chesapeake Campaign

-British burn white House & Capital Building

in Washington D.C.

-Fort McHenry

-Francis Scott Key:Star Spangled Banner

4.)Southern Campaign

-Andrew Jackson

-Battle of Horseshoe Bend

-Battle of New Oreleans

Info on War of 1812

Friday, Nov. 14th, 9pm

Atlantic Ocean


4-5 Getting Military ready

5-7 Going to destination

8-9 Starting the war


1.) Impressment continues

2.)Native Americans attacks along the

Mississippi River neighbor.

3.)Tecumsen: Native American chief- Unites

tribes in Indiana territory against America.

4.)General William Henry Harrison- Makes


attack on Native Americans at Tippecanoe.

5.)War Hawks: Supporters of was with Britain

with leaders in America(Andrew Jackson)

Britian. Henry Clay. U.S. take Canada, Fight for U.S. Honor


1.)U.S. gets worldwide respect

2.)U.S. accepts Canada as a British

3.)Federalists look bad.

4.)Native Americans loose land & power

5.)Factories built b/c of British blockade

6.)War heroes emerge as Political

7.)Sense of Nationalism to occupy

U.S. Honor. western land.