Edcamp Organizer Hangout On Air

What Makes Edcamp Special?

Wednesday, April 16th---------- 8pm EST

An experienced panel of Edcamp Organizers will share what makes an Edcamp so special. We'll go over the basics for running your event as well as helpful tips we've discovered along the way.

We will also be answering YOUR questions via an interactive backchannel on Twitter at #edcamp.

Join Karl Lindgren-Streicher, Dan Callahan, Jeff Bradbury, Kaye Hendrickson, Debby Jacoby, and Kristen Swanson to discuss topics like:

So.. what makes an Edcamp an Edcamp exactly?

Can I run an Edcamp at my school? How do I do it?

What Edcamps are coming up? How can I attend one?

Edcamp Organizer Hangout On Air 4/16/14