Lyndon B. Johnson

By: Ashrith Reddy

Inaguration of Johnson

  • Sworn in as president after assassination of Kennedy
  • Ran as a Democrat against Senator Barry Goldwater for Republican in 1964
  • Won with 486 electoral votes and 42,825,463 votes against 52 electoral votes.
  • Received 44 of 50 states.
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The Great Society

  • Doubled economic opportunity to $2 Billion
  • Created 2 new cabinet offices: Department of Tranpostation and HUD.
  • First black cabinet secretary
  • Main 4= Aid to Education, Medical Care for Elderly, immigration reform and a new voting rights bill.
  • Great Society similar to New Deal
  • New Deal was Johnson's political agenda
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24th Amendment

  • Ratified in January of 1964,
  • Abolished the poll tax in federal elections
  • Not really successful.
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Tonkin Gulf Resolution and Vietnam War

  • Tonkin Gulf Resolution gave president authority and blank check for military in SE Asia.
  • Vietnam became most costly and longest war
  • Operation Rolling Thunder was in full swing with fbombing attacks on the North Vietnamese.
  • Americans wanted end to war due to Tet Offensive, victory over VietCong.
  • In 1967, Johnson ordered the CIA to spy on domestic antiwar activists.
  • On March 31, 1968, Johnson announced brakes to the war
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Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act

  • Civil Rights Act gave government power to enforce school desegregation.
  • Government could prevent racial discrimination in South.
  • Extended for women.
  • Voting Rights Act banned literacy tests for voting.
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1968- A Watershed Year

  • Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy(Democrat Nominee) were assassinated
  • Nixon wins the Presidential Election of 1968
  • Tet Offensive begins bringing the start of the end of the war in January of 1968.
  • Riots occurred at the Democratic National Convention.
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