Going Gluten Free Workshop at Scoop Wholefoods Mosman

Join us on 20th August, 2014

Do you feel instinctively that gluten is not right for you and would like to know more about how and why to go gluten free? Have you just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and don't know what to eat? Or would you just like to know what gluten is and what all the fuss is about?

Coeliac disease and gluten sensitivities are on the rise. Its almost as if its the latest trend, yet for some it is a harsh reality and eating gluten has dire consequences. To top it off, there is so much in the media about going gluten free being bad for you so how do you know what to do?

In this workshop we will outline the spectrum of effects of gluten on the body from the everyday person to the seriously allergic so that you can make your own informed decision. We will also go through gluten free foods so that you can understand the alternatives and ensure you are meeting your own nutritional requirements.

Leila Lutz is an Exercise, Food and Lifestyle Coach. A coeliac herself, her passion is using foods to heal and coaching others to do the same. Join her and Scoop Wholefoods in this workshop so you can shop, be educated and informed as well as nourish and energise your body.
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