Carter Lomax Middle School

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Focused Walk Throughs October 12 - 16

This week our instructional focus will continue to be on sentence stems.

A reminder that a sentence stem is a short phrase that gives students the beginning of a sentence and helps them structure a response. Using sentence stems dramatically changes the quality and tone of a classroom because it helps students become increasingly more comfortable using academic language for expression.

Four Critical Questions - Through the Eyes of a Student

Questions your students would ask you if sitting in your PLC time:

1. What do you want us to know?

2. How can we show you we know it?

3. What should we do if we struggle to learn it?

4. What can we do if we already know this?

During your PLC time, remember to discuss these questions as you plan.

Gone missing!!! Please bring these 2 fun characters back to Carter Lomax!!!!

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