Dream Designers

July 2012 Newsletter

"The work you do (or don't do) today will impact your business 90 days from today. Don't measure your success simply by the day, the week, or the month. Run your business each day with the bigger picture in mind!"

Shout Outs!

Team Growth
Our team has now grown to 16 designers across 10 states! HOOT!

Welcome to our newest team members Lindsay Pogany (NE), Veronica Zmich (AZ) and Rasheeda Clarke (NJ). Also our first Mother/Daughter team just signed on today, 8/1, so special welcome to Marisa & Carole Gee (HI)!

Team Sales
Our Team Sales for the month of July were $6,418! Woo hoo! Keep up the great work everyone!

Top Sales for July:

#1 - Hope Ficarro $1,018

#2 - Stephanie Galliano $881
#3 - Melissa Sundt $793

Top Mentor for July:
Renata Rasp (1)

Stay in the Loop!

I'd recommend signing in daily or at the very least every few days to your Back Office for the latest News from The Nest.

Also, if you haven't joined the O2Loop yet, it is a great place to see RESOURCES available, Q&A and keep up with Team news. I know it's a little overwhelming at first but once you get used to the format, etc. it's not too bad. They are supposed to be re-recording the O2Loop Training webinar and hopefully it will be available soon for those that missed it.

To register, go to http://o2loop.com and click on REGISTER in upper right hand side. Once you are approved, you will get an activation email and you will be able to log in after that. After you get approved, feel free to add me as a friend - Click on Designers, Search for me by Name and then click "Add as friend"

Also once registered, please join my Group Page, Dream Designers as this is where I will be posting updates.

Other groups that you may be interested in include:

O2University by Director of Sales & Training, Michelle Archer:

Shining Jewels Team, which we are all a part of, under our direct to Corporate, Kristine Stevens

August Dates to Remember

August 7th, 6:00pm PST - O2U Webinar {MONTHLY KICKOFF}. See back office for link to register.

August 13th, 6:30 pm PST - Shining Jewels Hoot Huddle Team Meeting for those local to AZ - Invitation to come from Kristine Stevens. For those out of state she usually records the meeting and sends out a link to the video

August 14th, 6:00pm PST - O2U Webinar {FLIGHT SCHOOL} - See back office for link to register.

August 21st, 6:00pm PST - O2U Webinar {LEADERSHIP CONNECTION} - See back office for link to register.

August 28th, 6:00pm PST - O2U Webinar {BUSINESS BUILDER} - See back office for link to register.

August 31st, Midnight EST - End of Month for Volume Sales to earn Hoot Loot and Leadership Bonus