New Iowa Award Winning Titles

Available from MackinVia (eBooks) or Lending Library

Accessing the Award Winners

Every year the Iowa Association of School librarians (IASL) sponsors four book awards representing the different interests and ages of students across Iowa. NWAEA has always tried to support these awards by providing access to the titles. Again this year, you will be able to check out these titles from our lending library. In addition, many of these award titles are available as ebooks. You'll see the available Goldfinch and Children's Choice Award winners that are available as ebooks highlighted below. You and your students can access these books as well as many of the Iowa Teen Award and Iowa High School winners from MackinVia. If you have questions about using MackinVia, please contact me. The ebooks are available to students at home using a computer or mobile device. They are also available to students year round, including the summer months.

Goldfinch Award Titles (PK-3)

Children's Choice Awards (Grades 3-6)

Resources from Teaching Books (Iowa AEA Online Resource)

Teaching Books (an Iowa AEA Online resource) provides many instructional resources that can be used to enrich the Iowa Award Books. has created many of their own interviews with authors and has provided links to book trailers, author web pages and lesson plans. They also have provided Common Core literacy connections. I've provided links to these resources from Teaching Books. Again, if you have questions about this resource, please let me know.

Battle Bunny Book Trailer