Prinicpal's Newsletter

November 2-6, 2015

Weekly Schedule

Monday, 11/2

Chick-fil-A Lunch

Chick-fil-A Night

CogAT - Watkins

Tuesday, 11/3

Fifth Grade goes to Camp!!

Wednesday, 11/4

Principal Meeting - Becky out

Thursday, 11/5

Friday, 11/6

P2 Progress Report Cut-off

Fifth Grade returns!

Team of the Week - Speech

Hartman is fortunate to work with several speech therapists! In addition to supporting students in speech, they contribute to our safe school environment by covering side porch duty each morning. Lisa Niemeyer covers gym duty in the morning. This team truly works together to provide the very best for Hartman students!

Fun Facts:

We have 3 Speech-Language Pathologists at Hartman, Christina Rakow is a proud Rockwall Native. Lydia Watkins has a son in college and one who teaches in Tailand. Jennifer Reid is at three campuses this year, so she is truly learning to juggle! Lisa Niemeyer is our CHAT assistant. She has a teaching degree from Texas A&M University.

Eagle of the Month Voting

Please use the following link to vote on the October Eagle of the Month:

Focus on: PLCs

Hooray! Ashley is back today! She is eager to support your teams in continuing your work as a PLC. We now have a lot of data to review. It is time to make/revise plans for intervention for any Eagle who is struggling.

Teacher's Guide to Reflective Practice

What do I typically do to help students elaborate on new information?

Strategy in Action: I ask questions or engage students in activities that require elaborative inferences that go beyond what was explicitly taught.

Do I ask questions that require a high level of understanding and inferences? Think about it!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!

Celebrating birthdays this week:

11/7 - Amber Swindle

Additions or corrections? Please let Becky know!