Chanel Renee Kallevig

All About Me!

I am 13 years old and go to Hidden Oaks Middle School. I have 6 people in my family! I am a twin to Ciara Kallevig, I have an older sister named Paris and a younger sister named Monet. My mom is Rachelle and last my dad is Larry. I also have 2 cute puppies named Lola and Minnie.

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Limo and Buca With Friends

This is a picture that literally describes our friendship! We are always trying new adventures and getting into trouble. These are all my best friends and I love them all! This is a picture taken at Buca, which we went for Rachel Lemairs birthday.
Stephen Curry Top 5 Half-Court Shots


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Steph Curry Top 5 Half-Court Shots

I picked this video because I am a big basketball fan and my favorite NBA player is Steph Curry. I also play basketball for Prior Lake Mn.
Adele - Hello | The Theorist Piano Cover (Audio Only)


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My Favorite Song

This song relates to me because it is my favorite song. Also I like how it is a quiet song.