Natris Morris

Natris Morris: Merchant Account Consultant

Natris Morris

Natris Morris is a sales agent and merchant account consultant who lives and works in Champaign, Illinois. He is the owner of Cephalic Service Center LLC. The company's services include processing debit and credit card payments for its merchant clients, which allow businesses to authorize and transmit transactions electronically on a range of credit cards. He says his company offers free analyses that can help clients see how much money they can save with their merchant account.

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Natris Morris: Writing a Screenplay

Natris Morris is a creative person who has tried his hand at many things. He has recorded his own rap music and released it on his own label, and also to iTunes and other music download sites. He has also done some creative writing, including work on his own screenplays.

As Natris Morris knows, there is a lot of work involved in writing a screenplay. It's hard enough to get good ideas, but he says that it is just as important to make sure the screenplay is in the proper format. He thinks that the best approach is to write your screenplay in the way that works for you, and once it is finished, then take the time to make sure it is formatted properly. If it isn't, then chances are you won't be able to get anyone in the movie business to take it seriously.

Natris Morris says that when he first began writing his screenplay he had only a general idea of what a screenplay was. He took it for granted that what he saw in the movies represented a detail-for-detail realization of something that a writer had already conceived and written down. Now, he says, he understands that while a screenplay is going to outline all of the elements that make up a movie, including its scenes, dialogue, and sound elements, it is also a collaborative process. That means that chances are the screenplay he wrote on his computer and then printed on his printer will be different by the time the movie is shot and edited.

Natris Morris - Emergency Procedures

Natris Morris is an Illinois-based businessman who has founded his own record label and who owns and operates a business called Cephalic Service Center LLC, which provides merchant account services such as debit and credit card processing and is in the Champaign-Urbana area.

He is also Red Cross certified in cardio pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, and in Automated External Defibrillators, or AED. CPR is an emergency procedure that can restart someone's heartbeat or get them breathing again, often performed on people who have suffered a heart attack, been electrocuted, or nearly drowned. AED is a specialized piece of equipment, a portable device that checks the heart rhythm of a patient and sends an electric shock to the heart that can restore a normal heartbeat. It is typically used on people who have suffered sudden cardiac arrest.

As someone trained in CPR and AED, Natris Morris knows that the American Red Cross is an advocate of the position that all Americans should, under ideal circumstances, be within four minutes of an AED and someone who is trained to use it. More than 350,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrest in the United States every year, and the easy availability of AED would probably save the lives of many of them, because it is the only effective treatment for restoring a normal heartbeat. While Natris Morris had to have special training in the device, it is a relatively simple tool to use, and he says that it can be operated by people like himself who have no medical background.

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Natris Morris: AED Training

Natris Morris is an Illinois-based entrepreneur and writer who founded his own record label and has released several CDs of his music.

He is also Red Cross certified in Automated External Defibrillation, or AED. This, says Natris Morris, is a portable device that can save the lives of people who are stricken with sudden cardiac arrest, also known as SCA. SCA is a condition where the heart stops beating suddenly and unexpectedly. It is a life-threatening condition where blood stops flowing to the brain and to other vital organs. If it is not treated within minutes, then the person who has been stricken is likely to die.

Using an AED, then someone like Natris Morris, who has been trained on the device, may well save the person's life. As he knows, the heart muscle has its own electrical system, and this controls the heartbeat. An electrical signal is spread from the top to the bottom of the heart with each heartbeat, which is how it contracts and pumps blood through the body. It's problems with this electrical system, says Natris Morris, that lead to abnormal heart rhythms called arrhythmias, where the heart beats too fast or too slow, or irregularly. These arrhythmias are what cause SCA.

The Automated External Defibrillator that Natris Morris is trained and certified in are lightweight, battery operated devices. The latest models give their operators voice prompts, so even someone who hasn't been trained can use one. Natris Morris says that it is imperative to always try to use one on a stricken person, because ninety-five percent of people who have SCA are likely to die within minutes, making rapid treatment essential.

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Use Your Money Wisely

One big part of saving for the future is being conscious of where you spend it. By monitoring your spending habits and altering them so you can save enough for a rainy day, you will put yourself in a better position for the future. Below are a few tips on how to have some extra savings.

Keep constant track of your spending

Maintaining an awareness of your finances includes being able to calculate your daily spending. Once you start being conscious of your expenses, you can apply saving strategies to the habits you deem excessive. For example, if you know how much is spent at the grocery store, you can try and cut costs by comparing prices with different stores. This way of thinking can cut across all your expenses, which can make you a wiser consumer in the long run.

Minimal lifestyle

Living a minimalist’s lifestyle is a good way to save big, especially if you have a lot of responsibilities. Spending less when you go out and finding ways to make the most of what you possess enables you make wiser purchases. As you figure out to get the most of your dollar, you will appreciate buying for necessity rather than excessive.

Put aside for savings

Any talk about savings isn’t complete if you don’t actually take the action and save. Once you have cut back on expenses and figured out how to make the most of everything, whatever is left can be put in a savings account.

Natris Morris is a young businessman who appreciates the financial sense one requires to maintain financial freedom.

Hire the Right Way for Better Productivity

For many companies, finding the right employees to work is essential. Without the right recruiting and employee development policies, companies can find themselves constantly hiring people to replace those leaving. Constant turnover affects productivity and eats into the company’s financial resources, so it is absolutely crucial to hire the right way.

Hiring right starts with recognizing that all positions in a company are equally important; each part plays a role in the achievement of the overall goal. For a long time, low-level employee positions were viewed as “swinging doors,” with new faces hired every few months or so. But that perception has changed, and companies are cognizant of the need to keep people on the job longer.

In a lot of cases, organizations only learn of employee discontent when conducting an exit interview, in which case it’s too late. Rather than wait to hear about it, organizers have to be proactive and gauge employee satisfaction on a continuous basis. Fostering a positive workplace environment, clearly defining roles and responsibilities, and offering fair wages and benefits, and recognizing/applauding individual effort are all ways to keep employees motivated and productive.

Lastly, companies should aim to keep lines of communication open at all times. Junior employees should feel comfortable approaching upper management with their issues. Conversely, the team at the top should take the information coming to them seriously, as often employees know what works best to motivate them.

Natris Morris is an entrepreneur who knows the immense value a company can gain by paying more attention to their hiring processes.