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April 4, 2016


"If we only try to “engage” students, will they become dependent upon us for their learning? When we focus on empowering their learning, they will thrive after us as learners. That’s what the best teachers do."

"Just a reminder, how we teach is so much more important than what we teach. That will make the impact that lasts much longer than any one curriculum objective." - George Couros

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FIfth Grade Vlogging

Mrs. McLain and Mrs. Ping at Van Duyn Elementary have taken on the Vlog Challenge. Their students will be reading a social studies text about Fur Trading and the Settlement of Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. After students read a section each day, they will immediately VLOG to share what they learned as well as their immediate impressions. (The students will use the iPad Camera App.) At the end of the week, students will compile the Vlog segments in iMovie along with some slides to share their findings.

What are the benefits:
  • Students are providing immediate reflection with their own words.
  • Students are verbally practicing retelling while teachers can assess comprehension.
  • Students will have a project to present but they are creating it in pieces as they go. So far, the students believe this will be less stressful and more fun.
  • This project is 100% student created. The teacher is simply requesting a Vlog. The students can be as creative as they want!


PROJECT IDEA: Student Created eBook

  • Students can create an eBook as they gather and collect information during a unit. Project creation alongside a unit can provide students with an excellent resource. (This is my favorite type of project!)
  • Students can create an eBook for younger students to practice skills learned in a lesson, unit, semester or year.

  • Pass it On: Your current students could create eBooks for your students next year.

Create an eBook with Google Slides


The Google Planner - Using Google Calendar to Guide Students

A few teachers requested that I bring this article back. Enjoy!

Do you remember your planner? I do! In sophomore English, our teacher actually modeled the effective uses of planners as well as month and week at a glance. Every Monday, we went over week at a glance. I knew a planner would be useful however I did not utilize my planner to its full potential UNTIL a teacher took the time to model and guide me.

Smartphone Apps offer reminders through texts, emails and pop ups. But, did you know that Google (Calendar and Classroom) can offer the same thing for teachers and students? Consider asking students to join you on this new journey during the last nine weeks.

Thoughts I have collected from colleagues and articles online:
  1. Students of ALL ages need guidance with organization.
  2. We assume students know, but they really do not have a clue.
  3. If we take the time to teach them, then we are guaranteed they are in the know.
  4. Modeling is one of the best teachers!
  • When you create a class, the teacher and students are automatically provided a calendar that can be seen in the Google Calendar. After a teacher creates and assignment, this can be seen in Google Calendar.

  • You can also create an event in Google Calendar that will show up on the student calendar by simply choosing that specific class calendar. (See Below)
You can even attach a rubric or checklist of items needed for the students. Study Guides and even assignment documents can be attached or linked here from Google Drive!
Big image

K-3 Teachers

You CAN create a Google Calendar and share it with parents. As you add assignments, parents can see these on the calendar. It is a simpler process if the parent has or creates a Gmail address.


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