Earth Day 2013

UWB/CCC celebration on Monday, April 22

Earth Day Celebration 2013 will be the 3rd annual campus-wide event to promote sustainability, environmentally-friendly practices, and to educate the public on ways to better improve our community and earth.

Earth Day Celebration 2013

Monday, April 22nd 2013 at 10am-7:30pm

18115 Campus Way Northeast

Bothell, WA

  • Wetlands Native Planting (10am - 11:30am)

Volunteers will be planting native vegetation in the campus wetlands at 10am with assistance from Tyson, Gabe, and Chris. Tools, gloves, and plants are provided, but bring appropriate boots and your own water. Join us at the large glacial boulder, east of the UWB Sports Field.

  • Hard Hat Conservatory Tour (1pm—2pm)

Students can take a hard hat tour of the new conservatory being built in the wetlands and tours will be led by project coordinators and UWB professors. They will talk about its future uses and how students will be able to utilize it for research. Tours are at 1pm and 1:30pm and the sign-up sheet is the Sustainability Organization table.

  • Planting of the “W” (11:30am - 12:30pm)

Plant a flower in the recycled bottle “W” and plant it with your Earth Day/sustainability pledge on a compostable piece of paper.

  • Movie: “Food Matters” (11am—1pm)

The documentary “Food Matters” will be shown which examines how the food we eat can help or hurt our health and environment. Food and drinks will be provided with the featured film in room UW1-110.

  • Electric & Hybrid Cars (10am—4pm)

Various hybrid and electric-powered vehicles will be on display near the UWB Commons including the electric Tesla.

  • Organizations & Earth Day Info (10am—4pm)

Many local organizations will attend to educate people about the mission of their businesses and to share their volunteer and internship opportunities.

  • Presentations in Mobius Hall (2pm - 5pm)

@ 2pm: Friends of North Creek Forest

@2:30pm: Campus Wetlands by Dr. Warren Gold

@3pm: Climate Science Research in Ecuador

@3:30pm: Sustainability & Agriculture in Japan

@4pm: My Place in Puget Sound &Sound Citizen

@4:30pm: Rio 20+ Declaration by Dr. Rob Turner

  • Taco Time Traveler (12:30pm—3:30pm)

Taco Time is new and improved with using compostable service ware. They are providing tacos from their food truck which will be located in the Chase House parking lot.

  • Who Let the Goats Out? (10am—4pm)

Amazin’ Grazers, an affiliate of Rent-a-Ruminant, will have grazing goats that you can pet as your learn about the business and the benefits of using goats for landscaping methods and techniques.

  • Recycling Relay (10am—4pm)

One day’s accumulation of garbage from across the campus will be piled up to show how much waste will be thrown in the landfill and Sabrina Combs (The City of Bothell), Tyson Kemper (UWB/CCC Lead Gardener), and volunteers will be organizing timed relay races for students to test their skills with waste management knowledge.

  • E-waste recycling (10am—3pm)

Total Reclaim, a certified electronic recycling company, will be collecting e-waste from students, staff, and faculty to be recycled properly and they will share information about the harmful effects of e-waste.

  • Movie: “Thin Ice” (5:30pm—7:30)

“Thin Ice: Inside the Story of Climate Science” is a documentary about the controversy and astonishing evidence behind climate science. Food and drinks will be provided with the featured film in Mobius Hall.

Event Contact Information

Aaron Huston

Sustainability Organization President

Sustainability Research & Earth Day Fellow

Additional Information

Attending Community Partners:

City of Bothell Public Works & Waste Management

Friends of North Creek Forest

Piper's Creek Nursery

Total Reclaim

Brightwater Management

and many more!

Contributing Student Organizations:

Sustainability Organization

UWB Campus Events Board

UWB Student Activities Board


UWB Student Life

Cascadia Creative Arts Club


Special Thanks To:

Chancellor Kenyon Chan

UWB/CCC Facilities

UWB/CCC Student Life

Chancellor's Advisory Committee for Environmental Sustainability (CACES)

UWB Club Council

Logo creator, Anthony Hopkins

All members/officers of the Sustainability Organization