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October 15, 2021

Mark Your Calendars:

  • October 18-22: Parent Teacher Conference Week
  • October 18: Report Cards come home
  • October 18: PTSA Meeting @ 6:30pm w/Guest Speaker, Danna Evans, from All Things EQ
  • October 21 & 22: HALF DAYS: 12:05 pm Dismissal (starts at 11:50am for Kinder)

Bobcats...The Book Fair is HERE!

The Magic of Reading is Back! Classes have already started previewing the fair. Be sure to set up an eWallet to allow your child to purchase books easily and safely. Want to have fun with reading? Check out the 50 Ways to Read! See your child at the fair!

Did you know that Scholastic Book Fairs offers an online option for fairs? It’s a great way to increase selection beyond what an in person fair can offer. The online fair option is underway! . Book orders of $25 or more ship free directly to your home! Check it out at

Visit for more information.

Meet our PLC Teams

Special Areas with: Ms. Biggers, Ms. Andreoli, Mr. McAtamney, Coach Hughes, Coach Martin, Coach Benson

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Spirit Week is coming soon... October 25th-29th!

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All Things EQ Message (from the founder Danna Evans):

The motto next week is:

I know what I am looking forward to today.

What are you looking forward to today?

This motto seems simple enough, but when we take a moment to think about it, we may realize that we don't have an answer. The difference between getting through our days vs. enjoying them is significant. Every parent hopes their child can enjoy most of the opportunities they have and enjoy the days of their lives.

When we ask students what they enjoy most about school, the initial answers are recess, lunch, or the end of the day. If you think about it, that answer is equivalent to the adult version of TGIF. Yes, we look forward to Friday. But what if we also enjoyed Monday? Isn't that something we want for our children? This week, help your child develop a habit of optimism by asking them what they are planning on enjoying in school today. Optimism is important because it is a foundational skill. If we don't believe things can get better, we are less likely to try again when we stumble.

"Optimism is essential for achievement,

and it is also the foundation for courage and true progress."

-Nicholas M. Butler

As parents, we can certainly help our children develop a more optimistic outlook. One way to start is by putting a sticky note with the word KNOW on it in your car or somewhere where you will see it each morning before your children leave for school. The sticky note will serve as a reminder for you to ask your child what they know they are looking forward to today.

Encourage your child to have more than one answer to that question because the more responses they have, the more they will enjoy their day.


There is one more training in November...

Trainings will be at 3pm and should only last 30 minutes. The Zoom Login information will be emailed to you the day before the training. After the training has been completed, you will be emailed the paperwork to complete. If you have any questions, please email

November 10th:

The Silver Apple Award...

Does your child have a teacher this year that he/she just can't stop raving about? Well, consider nominating him/her for the Silver Apple Award recognition. More details can be found at:

Thank you for keeping our community safe & healthy...

  • Keep your child home if he/she has covid like symptoms, or has been in close contact with someone testing positive for covid.
  • Use the reporting button below to notify our school if your child has covid, or has been in close contact with someone testing positive for covid. Thank you!

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