BV Schools Monday Minute

Weekly Update for BV Schools

May 9 | 2022

Click Here to View District Related Data

For coming weeks, the District will provide case rates and other information each week. Click the gray button above to go to a spreadsheet. On the upper left you can also toggle to a "chart."

District Updates - COVID

The link to the weekly case chart is above.

WEEKLY ZOOM Meeting: Join us each Monday at 5:00 pm for additional information or questions about Recovery practices or other District items. Please consider joining as we discuss a variety of district topics each week. See end of newsletter for link to join.

The BV Schools Opening in Recovery Plan is linked here.

Registration for 2022-23 will open next week - Monday, May 16th

Our Registration for 2022-23 school year will open online next Monday, May 16th! A link will be available on our BV Schools website for you to update information and confirm the enrollment of each of your students for next year. By completing this early, we are able to better plan ahead.

Weekly Zoom Meeting for Families

Each Monday, BV Schools will host a virtual meeting at 5:00 pm. This is open to all families to hear more about the status of learning in the school and to ask questions.

Join through the link below or by going to ZOOM and entering: 821 3222 5223


Click here to find schedules of upcoming activities