2E Newsletter For December 13-17

Winter Break is Almost Here!

Glorious Opening Ceremonies

Parade of Flags, Cheering and Pride for our Countries

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Thanks to Angelo and his mother Lina (and others) we won the calendar sale contest!!

We'll be having a pizza party on Thursday afternoon! Congratulations 2E!

Announcements For Next Two Weeks

International Week Buffet is TOMORROW/Wednesday December 9th.

Grade 2 is visiting the buffet to eat at 10:00. If you care to join us to accompany your child. Please be in our classroom by 10:00 so we can walk over together. Thank you!

Special Homework Assignment is Due Wednesday/Tomorrow

Students have written about their family and traditions. Please make sure the the assignment is completed on TUESDAY to bring in on Wednesday.

Other dates to remember:

  • Thursday, December 17th--last day of school before winter break is (Pending any other announcements). Pajama Day rescheduled for Dec. 17th.

Curriculum Updates and Activities