2nd Grade Newsletter

October 12, 2015 - October 16, 2015

What are we learning about?

Reading-We just finished our first unit on "How do friends depend on each other?" and we are starting our 2nd unit this week entitled Cycles in Our Natural World. The essential question for this unit is- How do different plants and animals grow, develop, and survive in our natural world? We will be reading more nonfiction text during this unit and discussing various text features that help us understand the text more clearly.

Math-We are now into our second unit in math as well. This unit is entitled Shapes, Blocks, and Symmetry. Our lessons are focusing on both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. We have been examining and exploring with geoblocks this week and last.

Phonics/grammar-This week we are focusing on short and long u words. We have been reviewing nouns both proper and common and will start to introduce contractions later in the week.

Science- We started our unit on space. The kids are loving it! They should be able to tell you the difference between the lithosphere, hydrosphere and the atmosphere. We have been examining various parts of the lithosphere such as rocks, minerals, and soil.

What can you work on with your child at home?

Please continue reading each night for at least 15 minutes. As your child reads have them stop and retell you what they have been reading about. This helps with comprehension.

We have been working on telling time and counting change. These can be difficult skills so the more practice the better.

Spelling homework is assigned each night. While students are writing the words they should also be spelling them aloud. This will help them retain the spellings easier.

All students have been introduced to Dreambox here at school. A letter was sent home explaining how to log on. This is a great program that really helps reinforce a variety of math skills. The more your child plays the better!!!! Plus it is very fun and engaging. :)

Dates to remember

  • No School this Friday the 16th
  • PTA sponsored Trunk or Treat on October 23rd
  • Halloween Parade is on October 30th. (You should have received a letter explaining this in your child's folder.)
  • Half day of school on October 30th