Tech This Out!

Winter 2019 edition

In this newsletter:

  • A "digital citizenship for grown ups" copyright tip
  • Using Google Calendar
  • Give Student devices some love! It's update and restart time!
  • See what students are doing on iPads and Chromebooks
  • When printers attack! I mean... need toner!
  • And, as always, flashback news!


Can we talk Copyright?

I know, it's not the most glamorous of topics, but it is important. For a long time, we (and yes, I include myself) have thought "It's for the education of children, I can use it" and sometimes that is true. But sometimes it is not. So let's make informed choices.

Can you describe the difference between COPYRIGHT and FAIR USE LAWS? Watch this quick 5 minute video to get the gist of it, and you know what? You can use this with your students, too! In a world with access to more digital content than you even want to think about, let's drop some facts and truths to our students about responsible (and legal) use of material created by others, and model that ourselves!

So, how can I teach my TK-8 students these concepts? GREAT QUESTION!

Check out the Copyright and Creativity website

Videos and lessons by grade level. Go ahead and register--- it is how they get funding to offer these resources for free!

Are you remembering to LOCK IT when you LEAVE IT?

And also, are you remembering to hold down The Windows button (bottom left) and tap the L key when you walk away from your computer? If the chair is empty and you aren't there, the computer should be locked. It's a matter of security and protecting our student data.

This is not just for teachers, but for all district employees!


Calendar invites in Google Calendar

I know some of you are calendar pros already, but if you are one of the people who hasn't given the Google Calendar a go yet, here a few tips to remember.
Need more? visit the HESD GOOGLE GUIDE

This link will take you to the Google Calendar pages. Learn about Gmail and Google Sites while you are there! Great Googley Moogley!


Big picture

Give ALL your student devices some love this month!

Whether you have iPads or Chromebooks for your students, THIS is the time to make sure all your devices have been restarted and updated.

And please, don't forget the ones on the bottom shelf that aren't assigned to students right now. All devices matter!

Student Chromebooks

  1. Have students SIGN OUT
  2. Choose SHUT DOWN in the bottom left
  3. Do this at least once a month, if not more.


Chromebooks and CAASPP

CHROMEBOOKS--- remember your students will SIGN OUT to access the secure browser. You can (and should) use the secure browser for practice testing, too.

Stay alert and make sure you see GREEN for practice testing. (That will make sense when you are in the secure browser.)

Student iPads

  1. Update the iOS (go into Settings, Software Update--- it may take 10-15 minutes, and it may need more than one update)
  2. Shut down the iPad and restart it (hold down the top button on the top until the slider comes on the screen)
  3. Shut them down at least once a month. It is also a good solution when iPad isn't working right. Sometimes, it just needs a restart


CAASPP and iPads

IPADS--- remember to use the AirSecure app. Make sure it is updated by opening self service and tapping REINSTALL on the app tile. This is how you can update any app.

Did you catch that? Update the AirSecure app by going into Self Service? And tapping REinstall? Get that taken care of now. You don't want to be that person who waits until the day of testing to update the app.


See what's happening while student work on their devices

Hey there, iPad teachers!

Maybe you remember hearing about Apple Classroom. And maybe you thought "That sounds cool, I should check that out". Well, it IS cool and you SHOULD check it out! Here is a video to help you see how to set it up, and how to use it.

Do you wish you could see what's happening on student CHROMEBOOKS?

Me, too! Wouldn't that be nice! There are a couple services that we are looking at. They aren't free, so we want to make sure we choose the best one. Want to help pilot them? We are looking for teachers with Chromebooks (whether you use them a lot, or haven't used them much at all... we need all comfort levels represented!)

Be part of the team to kick the tires on a few of the options

---> CLICK HERE <--- to complete a form and I will get you more information. Tell a friend! Let me know right away! This is going to be fun!


When Printers need toner

Printers are gradually being added to a new service that sends toner to you as it is needed. This will ensure that you never run into an *emergency printing situation*. This means that toner may be delivered to your classroom unexpectedly. You can put in a ticket for someone to come change the toner when it arrives.

Here's a new bonus: if you want to learn how to install the toner yourself, just add it to your ticket like this: "Please replace my printer toner. New toner is in my classroom. Please teach me how to do this while you are here." Because this is something you can totally do.

And here's a side note: if you move classrooms at the end of the school year, printers will NOT be changing rooms with you. They are specifically named for the room so toner gets delivered to the right place. We don't want to mess with that, do we?


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