Peters Twp. Middle School Library

December 2015 Happenings

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Monthly Library Use

Classes held in the library: 53

Students visiting the library during study lab: 652

Library database searches performed: 644

Books checked out: 357


Elf on the Shelf

For the entire month of December, the PTMS Library's Elf on the Shelf, Buddy, has been playing a game of hide and seek around the library. Each night, a hint is posted to the library's Instagram account (@PTMS_LMC) to give the students an opportunity to think about where Buddy could be hiding. Any student who finds Buddy throughout the day has the opportunity to win by completing a quick entry form with their name and a brief description of where Buddy is hiding. One winner is chosen each day. Many of the winning students received $5 gift cards to use during the Scholastic Book Fair, while other winners received prizes purchased from the fair.

We have a great time with Buddy every year and look forward to where he'll be hiding next December! View the pictures below to see some of Buddy's hiding places.

Scholastic Book Fair

Our Scholastic Book Fair was held during the week of December 14-18. It was a huge success and helped to raise $900 for the middle school library! There was a terrific selection of fiction and non-fiction books to choose from, as well as many posters, erasers, and writing utensils.

We hosted a lot of fun, free giveaways during that week too! First was the "I Wish For a Book" raffle, where one student was chosen each day from the Language Arts classes that were shopping to win a free book from the fair. There was also an "I Bought a Book" raffle for any student who purchased a book throughout the week. On Friday, we pulled one seventh grade and one eighth grade winner. Each of the winning students and their favorite teachers were allowed to choose free merchandise from the book fair.

The students all visited the book fair with their Language Arts classes, and they were also allowed to shop before school began for the day, during homeroom period, and throughout study lab.

A very special THANK YOU to all of the parents who volunteered their time during this busy holiday season, and to those parents who stopped in to browse or shop!

Literary Iceland Revels in its Annual 'Christmas Book Flood'

Click here to read about Iceland's Book Flood.

Let's all love books like Icelanders this holiday season and maybe introduce a new tradition of a "Book Flood" into our own homes.

Returning in January - PTMS Reads!

Join us for a book discussion for Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer. Click here to learn more!
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PTMS Library Media Center

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Mrs. Sharon Pampena, Library Secretary