Thank You Friends and Family!

Life is a journey better spent with friends...and family!

Please help support my small business...My kids like to eat LOL :)

Thank you friends and family for your support in this new and exciting journey. I have many friends and family spread out across this amazing country and across the world!!!

I need your help! As many of you know I have a new business as a travel agent for the last few month!! I am still a teacher and a community volunteer with loads of great connections like you.

If you could, please support my small business. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and many businesses receive nearly 80% of their new clients from personal referrals. I am available to assist families across the nation and throughout the world.

Even though we may live many miles apart, I can assist you at no additional cost to you! My services are completely Free.

I want to mail out business cards to my friends. Would you please consider passing out my business card to your local friends and family that mention they're considering a Disney vacation, Universal vacations or Cruise?

Please email or text me your current mailing address so I can send you some business cards. If you are local...let me know and I can get some to you as well!

Thank you in advance,