Important Tools

Surveyors have a lot of tools. One of those tools is the jacob staff. The jacob staff is a long , wooden rod. Another tool that surveyors use is a chain and stakes. The chain and stakes has one hundred links and measure sixty six feet long. Surveyors used a lot of different tools like rope, grapevines, poles, compasses and pacing.

What do Surveyors do?

Surveyors measure and locate land. They also need to be good at math. Surveyors need to be good at math because they divide land for families and single men or women. Surveyors also make maps with Water colors and ink. Surveyors make maps because people need to know where everything is.

Why are Surveyors important?

Surveyors are an important but not very well known job. Surveyors decide how much land you get and measure everything from rivers to how tall mountains are. That isn't the only job a Surveyor has; they also explore and divide new land.

Cool Facts

  • George Washington was a surveyor
  • Surveying was invented in the 1600's
  • At age 16 you could be a assistant surveyor
  • 80 surveying chains=1 mile
  • Only 3 tools were used in America for surveying
  • Some surveyors go on long trips
  • Surveyors usually camp out when they are on trips