The followers are Musslim


A common figure for these three religions would have to be Abraham.The viewpoint about god are about Monotheism.
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Worship leaders

worship leaders for Islam are called Imam.It is usually a worship leader for a Mosque
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Holy book

the name of the Islamic holy book is called the Quran.The Quran is what Muslims believe to be a revelation from god.The word Quran is "the recitation" in Arabic.
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A Mosque is a temple for Muslims to warship Allah.This is the main place of worship for Islam


Muslims must do five prayers at each the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, after dinner, and at night. And when Muslims prey They would clean themselves on every part of there body 3 times except they would wash there head once , this is called Wudu.

Five pillars of Faith

In Islam there are five bases of Islamic faith.These five are called shahada,salat,zakat,sawm, and hajj.Each of these pillars represent a part of the religion.
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Islamic Holy places

This picture above is called the dome of rock.The dome of rock Is a shrine located in the old city of Jerusalem.This is one of many holy places for the Islamic religion.Other holy cities include Hebron,Karbala,Kom,Mashhad, and many more.
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The crescent symbol

The Crescent symbol represents the religion of Islam.It only became associated in Islam during the mid 20th century.
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traditions/ sacrements

Above is a Menora during the Islamic tradition called Hanukkah.This is one of many traditions that Muslims celebrate.

followers of Islam

The followers of Islam are called Muslims.Muslims are the second biggest religion in the world behind christianity.