Teens Privacy

Teens Protecting Their Privacy Online

You need to keep your private information to yourself online or you could find yourself in a very bad situation.This page will show you what to keep to yourself, and what to don’t have to. If you give away personal info. this will be a lesson for you.

First off, when you give out personal info. you are hurting more then yourself. People who get ahold of that info. can hurt your family. That’s why you need to learn how to keep your personal info. safe. One thing that you especially need to know is that you always need to ask before using an adults credit card to buy online.

You need to always remember to put your password in a safe place and make sure your mommy and daddy know what your password is. Don’t even tell your closest friends your password. You may think passwords are DUMB, but they help you and keep you safe.

Keeping yourself safe is important. It can be a big step to responsibility. People will trust you more, not just your family but your friends will trust you more.