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ICMS September Newsletter


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AM/PM Drop Off & Pick Up

Parents who are dropping off or picking up a student before or after school must do so in the lower high school parking lot.

AM: Students must be dropped off in the high school parking lot and utilize the cross walk across from the main high school entrance. Students may enter the high school and walk through the cafeteria or walk along the front sidewalk, then enter through the middle school.

PM: Again, students must be picked up in the high school parking lot. Students may utilize the cross walk across from door 5N, near the middle school main entrance.

The middle school parking lot will not be utilized for pick up or drop off before and after school in any format.


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6th Grade Social Studies (Mr. Stanifer)

In 6th Grade Social Studies we have finished our first short Unit getting oriented in Geography. We will continue some basic Geography skills in September with both Physical and Human Geography. In this unit we will be discussing Climate, Weather, Geographic features, Population, Types of Governments and Economies.

6th Grade Math (Mr. Appleton)

We are off to a great start. Many students are doing the classroom work and the homework. The homework is designed to take about 10 minutes to complete. It becomes hot the morning it is assigned at about 7:00. It is due no later than 3:30 the next day when it is collected. That gives the students about 32 hours to complete. The IXL is practice of the skills taught each day. The IXL is published on Canvas the Friday before the week starts and is graded the weekend after it is taught. That gives students 10 days to get it done before it is recorded. The assessments are to be done in class and follow each skill unit. Because I believe everybody can have a bad day, each student gets a second opportunity to take an assessment if the first grade is not stellar work. The second assessment will be similar, but not the same as the first assessment. It does no good to take a second assessment if a student does not study between assessments. It is wise to check the gradebook after an assessment and plan accordingly. Once again let me say how impressed I am with the work ethic this year. 70 of my students earned an “A” on the first assessment.

6th Grade Math (Mrs. Ramey)

It is hard to believe we are already half way through the first nine weeks. We will be finishing up decimal operations with a quiz. Then, we will move towards fraction operations. Many of these skills are review from previous years or just a slight extension from topics they have learned in the past. Please remember that binders are a requirement in my class. They will keep bellwork, notes, assessments, and resources all organized in these binders. I take a grade on the binders twice during the nine weeks. They even get to use everything in the binders on their assessments! Let me know if you have any trouble getting a binder! Donations needed for the classroom: page protectors, hole reinforcement stickers, copy paper, and pencils! Thank you!

7th Grade ELA (Mrs. Cushing)

In Mrs. Cushing's language arts class, students worked on building community and communication skills during the Spaghetti Marshmallow Tower Challenge. Students were given tape, scissors, marshmallows, and spaghetti and asked to build a tower. Tallest tower won! We then discussed what went well within the group, what did not go well within the group, and how cooperation and communication could be improved.

7th Grade ELA (Miss McCullough)

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7th/8th Grade Math (Mrs. Emenhiser)

Wahoo! We are already through the first month of school. Mid-term is Friday Sept. 2nd. Please login to Infinite Campus to check in with your student and talk about their level of understanding in each class.

7th grade math - we will be working on simplifying expressions and building up our difficulty in the types of equations we can solve. Please feel free to have your students explain integers to you, what makes a number rational or irrational, and why order of operations will help you solve those Facebook Puzzles.

8th grade math - We have hit the ground running. A quick review of Integer rules, decimal and fraction and off we went to new material. We will also be working on solving equations, but will go further than my 7th grade classes and introduce some Algebra 1 concepts and skills.

Please encourage your student to SHOW THEIR WORK - there are multiple ways to solve problems. I am good with any way they understand and works - but if they make a mistake, I need to see what they were thinking so we can correct the mistake and they can learn from it.

Enjoying the “characters” I have in class - these were from our Welcome slides during the first week.

Art (Ms. Sandberg)

For all Art students…remember this….If you have fallen behind with your assignments always know you can catch up by using CANVAS! Each week you can check the canvas pages and see all the information you need to finish those assignments you somehow did not finish in class! Quiz links, written instructions and most often video step by step demonstrations by me… your art teacher, are all there just for you!.

Take advantage of this computer tool and catch up with those missing assignments!

Many thanks to all the wonderful parents who donated to the Scholastic Art Magazine fund drive! We have met the goal for this year and your art students will be using this fantastic resource all 2022-23 school year!

6th grade Artists of the Week are featured on the Art Canvas home page through a link to the Student Art Gallery. Be sure to check it out! For a sneak peak Click here!

7th and 8th grade students who are helping paint and construct scenery for the Middle School Musical with completed and turned in parent permission slips from the office will be starting Sept 6th. Students will be working selected days in September after school (3:30 - till 5:30 ) in the art room. Only students with completed permission forms will be permitted to participate.

If there is a cancellation, students and parents will be notified in a timely manner.

Any Questions contact Sarah Sandberg at

Also there is a need for some willing carpenter dads and or moms to help make a few prop and set items. If you can help, either at school or from your home I would love to talk with you soon. The show goes on this November! We are close to being ready but…there is a small list of needs still to be met before rehearsals begin..

Ms. Sandberg

Exploring College and Careers (Komorek)

As you may have heard from your students, we have begun our classroom banking system through the Stash 101 program. There are still a few students who still have not returned their parent permission slip, which they need in order to participate. These students are missing out on daily classroom income and job opportunities. Also, I have encouraged students to bring in a box of tissues to earn an extra bonus in their bank account. Thank you for helping us keep the classroom stocked!

STEM (Mrs. Gray)

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Fall Sports

High school sports passes are NOT valid at middle school events. Cost for middle school events are as follows:

$5 per person

$12 for a family (maximum 5)

Ages 5 and under are free

Staff are free with their badge but family members have to pay

Fall Swim Announcements

Indian Creek Swim Club (ICSC) | September 6th begins a new season of swimming! Swim team experience is not necessary. ICSC is a year-round swim team for those looking to make swimming their sport! A swimmer can join at any time and can easily be involved in other activities while swimming.

ICSC Swimming Lessons | Available to all ages and abilities: It is never too late to learn to swim! Up-coming sessions will be Sept. 26-Nov. 10

Academic Super Bowl

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School Health (Mrs. Lawalin)

Please monitor your student for fever (>100.4), sore throat, headache, nasal congestion, nausea, vomiting - if your student has any of these symptoms, please contact Jill Lawalin, Health and Wellness Director, 317-878-2108 or or consider testing your student for COVID.

If your student is COVID positive, they must quarantine for 5 days, returning to school on day 6 wearing a mask days 6-10. Notify Jill Lawalin if your student is positive for COVID so attendance can be marked accordingly.


JCHD is offering an Immunization Clinic on Saturday, September 17th from 8 - 11 am for any student not up to date on school requirements.

Sixth Grade required immunizations: Tdap and Meningococcal. If your 6th grade student is not up to date, please plan to have them up to date upon returning from Fall Break, Monday, October 17th. Contact Jill Lawalin with any questions.

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Counselor's Corner

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NHJ Education Foundation

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September Menus

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