Greenfield Weekly Update

"Teamwork Makes the Dream Work"

September 26 - 30 Week 6

LOOK FORS THIS WEEK: Fundamental 5 - small group purposeful talk (about the learning)

Monday, September 26

Post Assessment Writing for K-5 (window opens)

Common Assessment Reading for 1-5 (window opens)

Aimsweb continues for K-1

ESTAR/MSTAR continues for 2-5

DRA continues

Tuesday, September 27

Math PLC all day

Math Unit 4 Summative for 4th (window opens)

Leadership Team @ 3:05

Guided Reading 101 @ 4:00

Wednesday, September 28 ELAR GVC @ 8:30 - 10:30

ARD @ 1:45

PBIS @ 3:05

Thursday, September 29 AP LEAD/Ramsey

Friday, September 30 Early Release @ 11:40

Coming up....

October 4 Baby Shower/Finley @ 3:05

October 5 Hearing/Vision screening

SpEd Update @ 3:05

October 7 RISE @ 2:15 Bragg/Ramsey

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It's been a great week in the land of the Gators!

Excellent purposeful talk

Great use of anchor charts

Great teamwork in 1st and 2nd grade when covering classes for co-workers

Congratulations to Janie for having her first DonorsChoose project funded!

Purposeful talk and collaboration during PLC time this week

Students very excited to share what they are learning in science

Students enjoying makerspace activities in the library

Things to Do

Sign up for T TESS pre-conferences and submit goals into Appraise before September 28

Complete technology survey for next Friday's tech time

Pay your social committee dues

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Thinking Maps

The Multi-Flow Map

Cause and Effect

21st Century Learners use the Multi-Flow Map to analyze:

causes and effects

impacts and/or benefits

reasons and/or results

if...then predictions

What is the impact of the author's point of view on ....?

How would you evaluate the arguments and claims in ....?

Why would you choose to do this and what are the short and long term outcomes?

PBIS - Teaching GATORS Guidelines for Success

Marzano's Instructional Strategies

Reinforcing effort and providing recognition

Teachers should reward based on standards of performance; use symbolic recognition rather than just tangible rewards.

Hold high expectations, display finished products, praise students’ effort, encourage students to share ideas and express their thoughts, honor individual learning styles, conference individually with students, authentic portfolios, stress-free environment etc.

Great Expectations

Basic Tenets

Teacher Knowledge and Skill…Benjamin Bloom

Innovative educators are knowledgeable and skilled in techniques that enable learners to maximize the benefits of each learning experience. Innovative educators continue to expand their arsenal of pedagogical techniques and focus on keeping pace with current educational initiatives. Innovative educators realize their influence in the learning environment; they can motivate, inspire, and challenge individuals to achieve excellence in living and learning. Innovative educators are life-long learners.

Eight Expectations for Living

We will recognize every effort and applaud it.

Life Principles

Common Sense

thinking before acting; using good judgment

"Consider the postage stamp; it secures success by sticking to one thing until it gets there."

.....Author unknown

Training Camp

Play # 6 The Best Are Mentally Tougher

Mental Toughness

As you strive to be the best you’ll face many distractions and pressure from the outside world and even negative noise from your own self-doubt. It’s a process that will test who you are and what you truly want. After all, today’s world is no longer a sprint or a marathon. It’s a series of sprints combined with a boxing match. You’re not just running, you are getting hit along the way. You’re getting hit by life. You’re getting hit at work. You’re getting hit by the critics and doubters and even at times by the people closest to you. And the best are able to respond and overcome all of this with mental and emotional toughness. You have to be mentally and emotionally stronger than your challenges, your detractors and your situation. You have to be able to tune out the negative noise from the outside and turn off the negative thoughts on the inside. Just as you build physical muscle by lifting weights, you can build mental muscle by doing daily exercises like positive self-talk, visualization, breathing and prayer. Your mind is a garden and each day you need to weed it and feed it. Let’s start today.

Weed and Feed

Each day you think of your mind as a garden and you pay attention to your thoughts. You know that if you don’t weed out the negative thoughts, then they will take over your mind. You also know that if you continuously plant positive thoughts, eventually the weeds of negativity will have nowhere to breed and grow. It’s a process and it works. Just as you practice running, blocking and catching, you must practice thinking positive thoughts and eliminating negative thoughts. You realize that being positive or negative is a habit, and you choose the positive.

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2016-2017 Greenfield Expectations

# 6

We will use the elements of the Fundamental Five, Marzano's 9, and Thinking Maps for lesson planning and classroom instruction.

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What I'm Reading...

"Hacking Leadership" by Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis

Campus Instructional Focus


After analysis of our campus data, our instructional focus will be to improve our students’ ability to clearly communicate their thinking through speaking, reading, reasoning, writing and presenting across all content areas. This will be measured through their success and achievement on common assessments, presentations, district benchmarks and state assessments.

We carry the torch for EMSISD


The mission of EMSISD and Greenfield Elementary is to foster a culture of excellence that instills a passion for a lifetime of continuous achievement in every student.


The vision of Greenfield Elementary is to create a physically and emotionally safe environment where every student can engage in challenging, integrated, and collaborative learning in order to become respectful, resourceful and responsible citizens in an ever-changing, diverse world.


Striving for the best, we rise above the rest.