Writing: Unit 3 Week 1

Kinds of Sentences, Time Order Words, Ending Punctuation

MLK Writing

Do this as you have time this week and when we return. They are due to the Curriculum Dept. on December 12th and to Cathy on Dec. 10th. Let's plan on having our classroom writing chosen by Dec. 4th and then from the 5 choose the one to move on that same day. That gives us time to get the permission slip signed and returned.

Notice the new formats that are allowed this year!!

Computers this Week:

Write Source Online: choose any of the ones we have done so far and add ending

punctuation or any of the capitalizing

LA Skills A: Writing: Story Starter

LA SKills B: Grammar (any of them)

Seatwork this Week:

Write Source Skillsbook: Sentence Activities: 101-113

Language Activities: 117-149 and 155-157

Checking Mechanics: 3-13; 15; 21-25;29-31; 43-59

Hallway Games on Grammar Usage and Vocabulary

Tx. Assessment Prep. Book: Editting and Revising Sections (small group to start)

Grammar Review Packet

Focus: Expository Writing

Spotlight Expository Writing this week as you look at things you are reading in class. We should be starting this during this unit but we can discuss waiting until after the first of the year.