The Capulets and Motagues Duel!

The rivalry sparks once more

Veronian News

VERONA - Once again, the two families hast entered a brawl. The Montagues and Capulets have yet another battle in the fair streets of Verona! This equitable Tuesday morning, was grimly interrupted by the scuffle of the two families. Many citizens witnessed the slain Tybalt and have been fed up with the fighting. The reports however, are not yet finished and are still being processed.

The perpetrators: Mercutio, Romeo, and Tybalt, had engaged in a battle, stirred up from the rivalry from years long ago. It is still unknown who started it yet, as both sides blame one another. It was not long until one had been slain, reports claim this to be Mercutio who had fallen first indicated when they had heard him say; "I am hurt. A plague a both houses! I am sped. Is he gone and hath nothing?", although it is still muddled. It should also be noted that the Capulet's cousin, Tybalt had also been slain by Romeo, a fellow Montague.

Unfortunately for The Prince of Verona, Mercutio was a part of his family, and had been slain by the Capulet's Tybalt. "These clashes cannot go on forever. As the Prince of Verona, it is my responsibility to end this treason and farce." said Prince Escalus. The Prince of Verona, in response to this bloodbath, banished the fair Romeo, and if seen again, would kill him on site. Once again, we thank our Prince for ending yet another fight between the two families.