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November 2019

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Upcoming Author Visit

Wanamaker has been busy preparing for and getting excited about our upcoming author visit featuring Bridget Heos! She is the author of more than 120 children's books, including the children's choice award-winning MUSTACHE BABY series, STEGOTHESAURUS, TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE LAMB, and many, many nonfiction books. Students have become familiar with Bridget's bio and some of her works, in addition to creating artwork to display on the walls for the visit.

If you get a chance, please ask your student what they are most looking forward to about the visit or which of Heos's books is their favorite. It has been fun to hear their comments as we've read them in their library classes. Feel free to come and check out the students' artwork in the hallway and in the library--they've done a terrific job with it!

Preparing for the author visit

Thank you, Auburn Washburn Foundation!

This fall our library received two grants from the Auburn Washburn Foundation. The money from one grant will be used to purchase a new nonfiction Exploring the States series. The second grant will be used to purchase a couple of new books for the student-led book club.

Thank you to the Foundation for their generous contribution and for helping us to update our library resources!

Hmmm...which book to buy?

Many new books have been added to our library collection since school started in August. Have you ever wondered what goes into making the decision of which books are ordered and added to our collection? With so many wonderful stories out there in the world and the need to work within a budget, it can be hard to narrow the choices and choose one book over another.

Taking our school community into consideration, Mrs. Reinert spends a lot of time reading book reviews published by different sources (journals and blogs), staying current with authors and their latest works, browsing other libraries and bookstores, and obtaining recommendations from our library patrons (faculty, students, and parents) to determine which resources would best fit our community. She tries hard to obtain relevant, age-appropriate materials for all patrons, regardless of their ideas, perspectives, values, and views. It is also important that our collection be as up-to-date as possible.

Sometimes resources are chosen because they supplement or enhance our students' curriculum. The faculty are encouraged to work with Mrs. Reinert to find those "just right" resources.

Student recommendations are also encouraged. There is a I Wish We Had This Book link on our library website that takes a patron to a Google Form to fill out book/author information. When the form is submitted, it is emailed to Mrs. Reinert, and she takes a look at it to see if it is something that would serve our school community well. She takes her role as collection developer seriously, and wants to make the best purchases possible for our library!

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Potato Book Characters Take over the library!

If you wandered into the library during the month of October, you would have found yourself in a potato patch! We tried our first ever Potato Book Character Decorating Contest. Sixty-eight students entered potatoes decorated like their favorite book characters. Wow, so much creativity and hard work went into them! Many classes and patrons came in to view the students' potatoes. All entrants received a participation treat. Thank you to the families who participated in this fun literacy activity!

Student Council Corner

Wanamaker Elementary has a very active, service-oriented Student Council. It consists of two representatives and two alternates from each 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classroom. Students apply to be a StuCo member and are chosen based on 4 criteria: teacher recommendation, grades, attendance, and a written statement on why they would like to be a part of StuCo. They take their positions as school leaders seriously, and work hard to be good role models for the younger students. The council meets in the library two mornings a month at 8:00 and also participate/help with other school functions. The sponsors for the Student Council are Ms. Costello, Mrs. Fairchild, and Mrs. Reinert.

District Libraries Fundraiser: Spirit Sticks

Spirit Sticks and keychains to attach them to students' backpacks will be sold during Wanamaker Elementary's Thanksgiving lunch held on Wednesday, Nov. 20. The cost of the Spirit Sticks will be $1.00 each and the keychains will cost .50 each.

Currently, every two years the district librarians host a district-wide author visit for all elementary schools in U.S.D. 437. The proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards future author visits.

Thank you in advance for your support of this fundraising project!

Upcoming Dates

Nov. 1--Mrs. Reinert collaborates with Mrs. Wilke's class on a Green Screen project.

Nov. 8--Author Bridget Heos visits Wanamaker Elementary

Nov. 8, 15, 22--Student Council meeting in the library at 8:00 a.m.

Nov. 13--Lunch & Listen held in the library during Grades 3-6 lunch periods. Students are invited to eat lunch while listening to picture book read-alouds. It will be a fun way to celebrate National Picture Book month!

Nov. 19--Student-led Book Club Meeting (5th and 6th graders) in the library at 8:00 a.m. Please bring your book with you and wear your tee-shirt if you would like!

Nov. 20--Student Council members help with Thanksgiving lunch

Nov. 20--District Library Fundraiser held during Thanksgiving lunch. Spirit sticks and keychains will be available for sale. Proceeds benefit the District Author Visit fund.

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