MONDAY MEMO May 2, 2016



Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you for ALL you do!!!!!!

WEEK IN REVIEW: (If I promises this is perfect.)

  • Monday - Friday - Daily Teacher Appreciation Activities - THANK YOU PTA!
  • Thursday, May 5, 3:30 - Faculty Meeting - Dr. Hirase will be here to discuss Legislation - please be on time!
  • May 2 - May 20 - SAGE testing!


  • May 10, 4:30 - Family Move-It Night
  • May 13 - Art and PE rotations end
  • May 17, 11:30 - Volunteer Luncheon (See PTA email)
  • May 20, 2:30 - Closing social at Teresa's house


  • Please keep in mind there are NO regular rotations for the rest of the year. Due to SAGE testing taking place in both labs and no more music, we are unable to accommodate rotations as we have had them throughout the year. Please use your art, PE, and library time as YOU need it. If for some reason you are unable to keep your normal art, PE and library times, please let the appropriate people know so they can make necessary arrangements. Remember, if you are in need of computers, we still have the carts, iPads, and classroom computers (or you can check with Dee to see when the few open spots are available.
  • Remember: In Principal's meeting, we addressed the confusion in regard to "time limits" with the writing portion of the Sage test. As you know, there are no time limits but a suggested time that all SAGE writing should be completed within 90 minutes. The word "should" is key...Dr. Hirase explained at Principal's meeting, with a copy of a letter he wrote to the USOE, that Murray district will not be encouraged to stop until finished, as the word should, does not indicate that tests must be stopped until completed. Yes, the 60-90 minutes is a guideline, but if students are not finished, you may allow them extra time to complete their writing.
  • Thank you for taking over as the main proctor, giving all instructions and setting your class up. Dee is there to "help" but she does not have your sign in information. If you have questions, please ask someone for clarity BEFORE your class goes in to test.
  • If you are going to be absent on the day your students are testing (SAGE), please let me know so I can be present to help ensure students are doing their best. We have noticed through past experiences that students do best when the teacher is present and walking about to ensure students are doing their best.

Specials through the end of year...

Due to SAGE testing - Computers are unavailable - no lab rotations

Friday, April 29 - Last day for music, power hour, and math aides

Friday, May 13 - Last day for Art and PE

Please use the time your classes have specials (Art, PE, and Library) to complete your analysis of SLOs and complete your Stakeholder input form if you haven't already. We will be meeting with these within the next 2-3 weeks.