Central Elementary

Accountability Project 2016-2017

Character Counts

We used The Six Pillars of Character to create a school wide ethical value program. Every student from Pre-kindegarthen to 5th grade received lessons on Trustworthiness; Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; Caring; and Citizenship. Our goal was to instill a positive and safe learning environment for all students at Central, that used a common language among everyone. The program will continue the following school years, with the advantage that it will be known by everyone.

Character Traits Preassessment

1. What are character traits?

2. Caring is:

3. Taking your obligations (homework, wearing your name badge everyday) seriously. Being accountable for your own actions and attitudes. Is:

4. Fairness means:

5. Treating others the way you want to be treated is:

6. Doing the right thing, keeping your promises, and telling the truth at ALL times are examples of being:

7. Being Respectful, Caring, Trustworthiness, Responsibility, and Fairness makes a great __________ in the school and community.


Main Areas of Growth

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School Wide Activities

  • End of nine weeks awards recognition for each of the six Character Traits, per grade level, per classroom.
  • Bilingual guidance lessons per each Character Trait.
  • Bilingual small groups to reinforce each Character Trait.
  • Ronald McDonald Character Assembly.
  • Kindness Week, school wide celebration-chain of kindness.
  • Bilingual Character Traits posters for every classroom and around the school.
  • Miss Texas Motivational Presentation
  • Dairy Presentation on hard work and dedication

Administration Comments

"The Character Program went very well. Students seemed excited to be recognized and awarded in front of their peers. The awards also encouraged the classroom teachers to be more intentional about recognizing the traits in their students. It also helped us create other ways to recognize and celebrate students."

Teachers comments

  • I like that our students are learning it, they really need it this year! I need to do a a better job at teaching it along side you, maybe be using books to teach reoccurring themes- lots of themes are character traits.
  • I feel the focus is intentional this year. The lanyards and spirit sticks are inspiring.

I feel like the Character Counts program has been effective, because it motivates the other students to try their best each day.

  • I feel that it has been effective. The students really want to work for the spirit sticks.

Students are motivated to get the awards. They want to have the spirit sticks, and it allows for review of the meaning of character. They are learning what the traits actually mean.

  • The kids are aware that they can control their behavior and display the different characteristics to receive an award
  • I think that it was effective in that it acknowledged the good behaviors by having a presentation.