Black Holes

By Matt Richardson

What is a Black Hole

A Black hole is part or region of space that nothing can escape not even light. Black holes are the one thing in space where nothing is able to leave. Black holes are empty space with massive gravitational pull.

How Black Holes Start

Black holes start from the remnants of a dead large star the has died from a supernova explosion. After the explosion the sun gets crushed by its own gravity leaving behind the black hole.

Effects of a Black hole

Black holes pull anything near it inside. What ever gets pulled inside is never able to get out and is gone forever. A gravitational pull that is ten times the amount of the sun's gravitational pull is what a black hole is like.

If a Black hole hit our solar system

If a black hole was to hit our solar system then there would not be much left of our solar system. The black hole would consume all of our planets and destroy everything in its path.

The founder of the Black hole

Karl Schwarzschild was the one who founded the theory of a black hole. He used Einstein's theory to start to make calculations about the gravity fields of stars. He the figured that if something with such a huge mass was compressed the Einstein's relativity would get fairly extreme. Schwarzschild doubted that a star would ever be able to shrink. He also thought if a star did shrink the the gravity force would be the same even thou the object is smaller. He also invented the equation that is still being used today Rs=2MG/(c^2)