Justinian the Roman Emperor

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How was Justinian's life?

Justinian was a Roman Emperor. He was born in the country of  Macedonia in 482 A.D. and died in the city of Constantinople in 565 A.D. He was emperor in the time of 527-565. He was crowned emperor at the age of 44. He appreciated women as much as men and like equal rights. Justinian let women buy land and own properties. He married Theodora in 525 A.D. Though he was not born into a royal family, he became emperor because his uncle was the emperor of that time period. His uncle adopted Justininian and gave Justininian the chance to be part of Royalty.

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Fun Facts About Justinian

Justinian was a Christian. Justinian was the sixth century emperor. Justinian  real name was Petrus Sabbatius. Justinian had two sisters.

The Justinian Code

The Justinian Code is a code of law that Justinian made up. The Justinian Code is made up of three laws, The Natural Law, the Law of Nations, and the Civil Law. "The law of nature is that law which nature teaches to all animals. For this law does not belong exclusively to the human race, but belongs to all animals, whether of the earth, the air, or the water. Hence comes the union of the male and female, which we term matrimony; hence the procreation and bringing up of children. We see, indeed, that all the other animals besides men are considered as having knowledge of this law,” quotes the first Natural law. The Law of Nations, "The law which natural reason appoints for all mankind obtains equally among all nations, because all nations make use of it,” is the second one. Last but not least, the third one which is, "The law which a people makes for its own government belongs exclusively to that state and is called the civil law, as being the law of the particular state."

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