Firecrackin' July!

Team Villarreal - July 2013

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For the Land of the Bling!

Happy July! What a great month to get your business rolling as we wind up the summer and gain momentum for the heaviest selling season yet! With only 14 days to launch the Fall/Winter Collection, there are plenty of reasons to get qualified NOW!

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Team Promotion to Star!

You are simply amazing!

With your hard effort and dedication, we managed to promote to a STAR Team this past month. As a Star Stylist, I will be able to:

* Get Star level training at Hoopla which I will pass on to you, this will help your business grow tremendously!

* Create Stella & Dot Opportunity and Training Events with Home Office Backup!

* Get access to more tools and info to help you and your business, to make me a better sponsor for you, every day.

In order to keep maintain the STAR career level we all worked hard to get and to pursue the Director level together, we must qualify consistently with $500 + dlls in sales every month and I really believe we can do it!

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Team Kudos

Thank You!

Some well deserved recognition! You are just as much part of this promotion as I am. Thank you for making it happen! I am so amazed and inspired by what we can accomplish together.

This means we can get bigger and scarier goals and look at them straight in the eye. You can get what you want! Let me help you get there, we will do it together!

Team Sales

Melissa Villarreal - $11,546.35 dlls

Sandra Mercado - $1,662.00 dlls

Marisol Paez - $1,120.00 dlls

Chantelle Bacigalupo - $565.50 dlls

Luchi Macias - $515.25 dlls

Team Sponsoring

Melissa Villarreal - 2

Welcome Jennifer Serrill and Marisol Paez!

Glam Earners

Level 1 - Mini Lookbook Holder

Sandra Mercado

Melissa Villarreal

Level 2 - Tech Tote

Melissa Villarreal

Jumpstart Earners

Book & Sell

Marisol Paez - 1

Quickstart Bonus

Marisol Paez - 1

Plan to Stardom Contest Winners!

Luchi - You win a fabulous "The Switch" handbag!

Chantelle - You win a pair of earrings from the Fall line + your Tory Burch flip flops from last month!

Marisol - You win a bag from the Fall line, options will be given to you later when they launch!

Congrats on all your hard work and being a big part of our team promo!

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Hoopla! Get ready by booking!

There is no better way to wait for a new collection than with a calendar full of trunk shows with debut hostesses. Don't wait any longer, make those phone calls, send those emails. Use the July Tools in the Stylist Lounge, follow the steps for the July Words to Say.

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Back to Hoopla!

This will be my third Hoopla, I haven't missed one ever since I signed up as a stylist. I wait for it all year long, its just crazy fun and oh so inspiring and helpful for your business! I can't wait to bring it back home to you.

Sandra will be joining me, just like last year. You can still sign up and come too! You won't be sorry!

For all that you do, thank you! Let's have a firecrackin' July! XO, Melissa