The Roar

By Emma Clayton, Science Fiction, 333 pages

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Main Characters - Protagonists: Mika and Ellie Antagonist: Mal Gorman

Mika and Ellie Smith are twin brother and sister who are twelve years old. Ellie was abducted at age nine and taken to a space station research center. Mika was devastated when everyone he knew said she was dead. But he knew she was still alive, because he could feel it.

Mal Gorman is the one-hundred and ten year old leader of the Ne Northern Government. He keeps himself alive by taking everlife pills, a drug that extends the life of an individual who takes it. He invents the game pod fighter and the Fit for Life program and Fit Mix which all the children in the story take. This mix makes them stronger and bigger. He wants to use these children for his army.

Minor Characters - Ruben, Kobi, Ellen, and Audrey

Ruben was Mika's bully because he was a mutant. Ruben however was also a mutant but did not show it. He also was great at Mal Gorman's game Pod Fighter.

Kobi was Mika's first friends after the disappearance of Ellie. He moved to Barford North from the Shadows.

Ellen was Mika's therapist after his sister's disappearance. She tried to warn him about Mal Gorman's plan, but his father threw her note, on accident, down the waste chute.

Audrey was Mika's second new friend who came to Barford North and became Mika's partner in Pod Fighter.


The story takes place in a futuristic London where people live to believe that animals have all caught a disease that makes them rabid. All the world's population moved behind an enormous wall to keep them out. Mika lives in a semi-privileged community above the flood waters of London. Little do they know that just outside those walls are beautiful trees and animals untouched by disease.
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Man v. Society

Mika was alone after his sister was kidnapped by Mal Gorman. Everyone that Mika knew believed that she was dead, but he believed and felt in his heart that she was still alive. His parents even doubted that she was still alive. He even insisted that her sheets should not be washed because he could smell her on them. Even through all the doubt he believed that his sister was still alive.

Man v. Man

After escaping the Golden Turrets, Mika and Audrey try to fly to find Mal Gorman. Gorman however, thinks that they are trying to escape and sends an array of fighters after them. Mika has to evade their bullets and manuver through the buildings. Audrey does not want to fight them and refuses to shoot at Gorman's men. Most of them die by running into buildings or each other. They escape unscathed and head out into the real world.


The story starts out with Ellie flying a pod fighter away from Mal Gorman's space station. She is trying to escape back to her home in Barford North. She is shot down near her house and is plunged into the dark waters. She is taken back to The Queen of The North, the space station used by Mal Gorman. The story then goes to Mika in his class room. He goes to school and the atmosphere is different than usual, it is happy. There is an odd lady there who tells them to drink a mixture they call "Fit Mix" apart of the Fit for Life Program. Everyone else happily agrees and drinks the pink substance but Mika refuses. He is given a one hundred credit fine and forced to wear a shock collar and stay at home for a week sorting tiny beads. When he returns home he finds his therapist there who tells him that he should beware of the game that everyone is playing. She also tells him that she is leaving and will not be back. He goes back to school and drinks the Fit Mix and goes to the arcade to play the game. He finds he is one of the best along with his friend Kobi. They then receive word that a competition will start soon with grand prizes for the winners. Mika then teams up with a girl named Audrey who is an excellent marksman. They progress to the next round and go to a fake vacation island where they play a new "game." The parents are made to belive that their children are playing a new game but they are really being tested and having their memories read by someone else. They also then go out in the ocean and play a real game with harpoon guns. During the game a girl freaks out and accidentally shoots Mika in the leg. Mika is taken care of and healed but his parents refuse to let him progress to the next round. They then recieve a hover car and are coaxed into letting Mika go to on to the next round. Mika goes to Cape Wrath where he can feel his sister close. Mika then is tested against Ruben to see who can use their power the best, their power, telekinesis. Mika wins and is put to a test over what he thinks are robotic dogs but they are the robotic metal wolf guardians of the extremely rich outside the walls of London. Mika is claimed one of the six winners along with Audrey. Mal Gorman made a deal with Mika that he would return to Cape Wrath the next morning and that if he stayed in his apartment the entire time, he could be with his sister again. They get a home in the Golden Turrets only to learn that all the kids have been taken to serve in an army. Riots break out as people from the Shadows break into the turrets and destroy everything. Mika and Audrey escape in a pod fighter only to be chased by Gorman's men. They fly over The Wall and learn The Secret, the world was not destroyed by the plague, but is still alive and well. They return to Gorman and tell him what happend and he believes them. He then tells them that he wants them to be generals in his war against the people who put them there, behind The Wall.
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The theme of the book is secrets, and how knowing, or not knowing something can change everything. Mal Gorman, for example, was a pool cleaner who overheard people talking about faking the plague and he was made leader of the northern government. Mika, on the other hand, knew nothing except that he was on a hunch that everything he knew was fake. Because of this, Mika found his sister and was reunited after so long.


I really enjoyed this book because of the author’s style and how she made everything suspenseful and interesting. I really liked how the author started the book off with action and suspense to hook you and get you interested. Also I really liked how the author kept some things from you and revealed others, which created suspense and made me never want to put the book down. The chapters are told alternating between Mika’s point of view and Ellie’s point of view so you get to know what each of them is experiencing. What is also interesting is that the author tells the story alternating between Mika’s point of view and Ellie’s point of view sometimes when something important is going to happen the chapter ends and it changes point of view so you have to keep reading. This book was a somewhat surprising read for me because when I first looked at it did not seem very good but I read it anyway and I ended up really liking it. Anyone who enjoys reading science fiction or fantasy should definitely read this book

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