Be Good and Save the World

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


If we reduce the mining it will help out streams and are rivers. They won't have much chemicals in the water if we stop mining. But if we stop mining we wont have as much things but i think we can live without these things and we need water. So reduce your things and we wont have any chemicals.


The mining people can us less materials they spend a lot of gas money everyday to operate the machines. But in the old days they didn't spend a thing i liked how they didnt us a lot and still got things for us. People are just getting lazy and they need to stop and save money.


They mining people can recycle the trees and the grass and give it to someone people will buy that stuff but nope the mining people just roll it off a side of a cliff into so stream or river and that can dam the stream or river up and cause flooding. So if the miners will just stop and think about what there doing and they might make some extra money on the side.