A little pengiun named Tommy

Why pengiuns can swim like fish but not fly like birds

Little Tommy

One morning ,just at sunrise a little penguin , named Tommy ,the first on of his kind, woke up and went out side. Outside he saw a fish swimming in big circles so fast Tommy thought it was a big blur until the fish stopped. Tommy knew he wanted to be just like the little fish, so he said ''will you please teach me how to swim just like you?'' The fish made a weird face and said ''But you are a bird you can fly to the heavens, why would something like you want to swim like a little fish like me?'' Tommy exclaimed '' Well your strokes are smooth and your jumps are graceful... I want to be just like you, please teach me!'' The fish didn't say anything and just swam away. Tommy was very sad, but he still wanted to swam so he headed to his house, turned around , ran and jumped it the water, But it looked easier than it was and little Tommy started to drown! The little fish heard his cries for help and quickly saved him. Finally after Tommy begged and begged the little fish agreed to help him swim!

After a few months Tommy was an excellent swimmer, but still wanted to do something else. After about two hours of looking for another hobby Tommy gave up and went inside to go to bed. The next morning Tommy went outside, looked up in the sky and saw a big hawk flying in huge circles. When Tommy saw him he knew he wanted to be able to fly so after Tommy got the courage He yelled ''Hello up there!'' The hawk was startled and fell to the ground. The hawk said "Excuse you!'' In a mean or grumpy tone. Little Tommy wanted every one to be happy so he said to the big hawk ''Do you need a hug'' The hawk said ''No! What do you want?'' Tommy said ''well I want you to help me fly.'' The hawk looked at Tommy like he was crazy and said '' A bird like you doesn't need help flying!'' And then the hawk flew away. Little Tommy was set on this goal to fly so he went and asked some other birds but they all said ''No! So Tommy tried to teach himself ,but without a teacher little tommy never achieved the goal and gave up.

Many years went by and little tommy had children, but sense he never learned how to fly all he taught his kids was to swim and waddle. And that's all his kids taught there kids and there kids taught there kids and there kids taught there kids. That's why penguins only know how to waddle and swim ,but not fly.