Protect Yourself Online

Join us at the high school auditorium from 4Pm. to 6pm

First, make sure that you keep all of your online passwords private. Second, never give out your personal information. Third, be careful what you post because some of it can be harmful to others or even yourself. Fourth, do not share any photos with people you don't know. Fifth, do not just download things ask your parents or a trusted adult. Sixth, do not open email attachments in an email that is unknown. Seventh, if you lose your phone in public and can not find it then you disable it. Also make sure that you do not go to any inappropriate sites because they can get you in trouble.

On Saturday March 21, 2015 from 4 Pm to 6pm

Me, Myself, and I

Guaranteed to help you sleep!

Come for the fun or the boredom

This may be boring or it may be fun but you will never know unless you go so come on over and check it out!