Hamline Family Newsletter

October 12-16

A Note From Principal Reilly

We are open to, and welcome your feedback. We want to hear it. As with any new experience some things work, and some don't. This is all about being flexible, adjusting and learning and growing together. Please let us know your thoughts. On the Hamline webpage their is a form to fill out if you need support, whether it be academics or more social emotional. https://www.spps.org/hamline . As I have said before, this is about connection and communication. Please reach out if you need anything.

In Partnership,

Principal Kristin Reilly

Assistant Principal Ewald's Contact Information

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns by email, text, or phone at:

Email: jennifer.ewald@spps.org

Office: 651-744-6055

Google Voice: ‪(612) 315-0791‬

October 15 and 16 - No School PreK-12

No School for PreK-12 for Teacher professional developmentStatewide teacher meetings

Distance Learning Resources

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Inquiry Corner

At Hamline Elementary, we are working hard to teach using a style called "Inquiry Based Learning." The word "Inquiry" means to question, so "Inquiry Based Learning" is a type of teaching and learning that encourages student questioning. When the teacher simply tells the student what to do step by step, the student doesn't need to do much thinking. When the teacher guides the activity forward through questions, and encourages the students to ask questions, the students do a lot more thinking and wondering along the way. We are trying to encourage students to develop their thinking and questioning skills, which is helpful in all areas of life as they grow. In the "Inquiry Corner" we will be sharing ways we are working on Inquiry skills at Hamline, and the great things the students are doing!


Reminder to fill out the annual iUpdate student form at Campus Parent. It is important we have updated contact information so you will receive updates from the school. If you need any help with your login or password, email karen.azen@spps.org or leave a message at 651-744-4287.

The Midway Food & Empowerment Project

The Midway Food & Empowerment Project aims to collect and distribute resources to our community on an ongoing basis.The speed at which multiple community partners came together to make this happen is nothing short of amazing. We will continue to work with our partners to ensure that our community members receive the items they need to thrive.

Food Distribution:

  • October 14th, 28th: 11 am- 1 pm
  • Location: Hancock Rec Center, 1610 Hubbard Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104



At Hamline Elementary School, we are striving to create a space that values an inclusive atmosphere by building positive relationships and pro-social skills. We are committed to help improve academic and social outcomes for all of our students and give them the platform to succeed.

- Kalu Abosi, Intervention Specialist

Wellness Matters

I'm excited to share with you that if you have a 5th grader at Hamline Elementary, starting next week I will be starting personal learning plan meetings with them. I will be scheduling 1on1 virtual meetings with the students to create their Xello account. The purpose behind this is to get students to become aware of their strengths, interests and the different pathways to their careers and educational goals. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their interests and choose courses and extra curricular activities based on their academic and career destination. Your student will see an invite on their schoology page on where and how they can meet with me.

- Kaltun Abdikarani, School Counselor

Resource Corner

Winter is fast approaching and we want all of our students to be prepared for the long winter season ahead. If your child is in need of a warm winter coat and accessories, The Salvation Army has begun their Coats for Kids distribution. Please call your local Salvation Army or visit their website for more information.


Lynnette Medcalf, School Social Worker

Mental Health Practitioner / Therapist

My name is Sharice Zaccardi and I am the Mental Health Practitioner from Community School Collaborative. I provide Therapy to students and their families. (Play therapy is my favorite.) My undergrad is in Psychology and I received a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am a few short hours and a national exam away from being able to use the title Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT).

I grew up in the Twin Cities and I am excited to give back to St. Paul by supporting kiddos and families with Mental Health services. I am here to plant seeds within these kiddos and with the right amount of care they will each flourish into something beautiful and unique.

In my spare time I love to celebrate small victories and live by the motto “Celebrate Life” & “Yay all day” I try to travel often and my favorite place is New Orleans, oh the beauty! Other things I love: Candy, Halloween, The Vikings, Laughter, Conversations, Music, Good Friends, Family, Sleeping, Reading, and of course RETAIL THERAPY.

Parents Right To Know

Parents can request information about teachers

Under the No Child Left Behind law, parents have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of their student’s classroom teachers. Parents who would like to receive this information should write to the Human Resource Department, Attn: ESEA Teacher Qualifications, Saint Paul Public Schools, 360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102-3299.

Please see the following document for more information

About Hamline Elementary

Hamline Elementary is a racially, culturally, and economically diverse community of learners in the heart of Saint Paul's Hamline Midway neighborhood. Our families come from many Saint Paul communities and from all over the world. Our talented and spirited staff bring decades of experience to the classroom; they also bring kind, generous, and joyful hearts. Specialists in physical education, and science create engaging opportunties for discovery and self-expression. And from the front office, to the cafeteria, to everywhere in between, Hamline is positively filled with caring adults and good vibes.