☯Yin and Yang☯

By:B Baker

What is Yin and Yang?

The Yin and Yang symbol helps people understand where they fit in their life. When the two forces in the symbol come unbalanced it can cause a sickness in the body. When Yin and Yang are perfectly balanced the body is filled with strength. Depending on which side is too powerful there could be different diseases. It is known to predict the past and the future.


Yin and Yang was known to be born from chaos when the world was first created. They rested in peace in the center of earth before they were born. When they were first balanced made the first humans and the first gods. The earliest records were dated all the way back to the Yin Dynasty, but it started in the Han Dynasty. It is the most important theory in TCM. Lao-Tzu is the founder of the symbol. It came from China and Confucianism.


Yin is the center of all darkness. It represents all things bad. It has a small seed of good which will grow and that will have a small seed bad which will keep on growing in a cycle. It stands for all things cold, dark, and mysterious, which includes the moon and women. Yin and Yang are often found in medicine to heal a person. They put it in medicine because they believe most diseases are caused by Yin and Yang being unbalanced so they try to balance it out. It is favored by the Taoist but not heaven.

The hidden meanings of yin and yang - John Bellaimey


Yang symbols male, white, the sun, and everything positive. It is favored by the Confucianists and heaven. It is considered the symbol of Confucianism. It contains the seed of all evil. Everything contains the seed of its opposite. Like Luke Skywalker has a little bad in his heart even though he is the "good guy".