Columbus Day Should Be Celebrated

By: Jesus Bahena

Evidence #1

He had traits people nowadays find to be worthy of admiration. He is considered by some to be a really skilled captain and a sort of adventurer because he wanted to find quicker paths to asia and and to india. He went even defying the fact that most people thought the world was flat and he still went on his journey despite this believe. He went on trying to search for gold and nobility titles, sort of what people now would find a good thing considering most people wish the same for themselves to have money and power. Also his discovery lead to the foundation of one of the worlds greatest nations. Because in my opinion, if he had not gone on his voyage, most people in europe who didn't want to be in the control of the king wouldn't have anywhere to go to, and if those people hadn't come here because of Columbus then we wouldn't have this great nation and we probably would still have been in the control of the king.

Evidence #2

Christopher Columbus has a very significant meaning in the history of the United States. He has a lot of things going on in his honor such as the Pledge of Allegiance was written on the anniversary of his 400th voyage, also the U.S has a very large collection of his things such as his desk, the cross from his ship, and some of his papers. Also he has the history of establishing the first european colony in the new world. Also he has a lot of statues for him all over the country in different places. Also Columbus is one of the oldest holidays celebrated since the 300th anniversary of his voyage